Don't Let Your Ostomy Prevent You From Enjoying The Summer!

Recently a friend and I were discussing a complication that he had while swimming with his new ostomy.  After giving him some advice on the situation, and with the heat of summer bearing down on us all, we wanted to present you with some helpful tips for beating the heat with your ostomy.

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” We have all heard that old saying and it really can be applied to any aspect of our daily lives; swimming is no exception.  Try your best to calculate your “transit time”, the time is takes the food you eat to travel from mouth to pouch, and eat your meals at a time that will allow you to have the least amount of output during your planned swimming.  Most people will experience the least amount of output in the first few hours of the morning.


Enjoying The Summer With Your Ostomy

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Summertime and the Livin' is Easy

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Another Side of the Story

If anyone walked a mile in the shoes of an ostomate, how would they feel? What does having an ostomy mean to you? Survey says: good health, no pain, belonging to a group of strong, caring and compassionate people - ostomates, savvy individuals who've... [More]
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