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Announcing our latest Express Medical Scholarship Winner!

Express Medical Supply Online Scholarship Contest

We'd like to thank everyone who entered our $500 Express Medical Supply Scholarship Contest

We enjoyed reading all of the creative tweets and picking a winner wasn't easy. We truly enjoyed reading through the answers.

There can only be one winner, and the lucky $500 Scholarship winner is:

Nelson Mandela. How did you forgive and work with the people that put you in jail?



Even though they didn't win, these creative tweets really stood out and we thought they were worth a mention!

  •  nikolas‏@nickgroder My Dad. What's with the Batman obsession?
  •  Cam‏@camelryn Samuel Morse: .... --- .-- / -.. .. -.. / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- / - .... .. ...?
  •  Ethan ‏@HausOfEthan Salvador Dalí. How do you maintain such an awesome mustache
  • Lou Anna ‏@pegopessego Neil Armstrong. When you went to the moon, what did you do when your skin itched?
  • Ruthie Stoner ‏@stonerones Sigmund Freud. Is there something going on between you and your mom that we should know about?
  •  C•A•R•M•E•N ‏@carmen_love111 Lucille Ball,do you think that the statue of yourself looks more like the snake from "Beetlejuice"?


Didn't win this time? We are giving you another chance at earning a $500 Scholarship from Express Medical Supply. We will be starting another Scholarship contest in August!

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