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Medline Remedy Now with Phytoplex

Medline Remedy Phytoplex Skincare Medline Remedy with Olivamine is a trusted name in skin care. From skin moisturizers and lotions to cleansing foams and anti-fungal powders it has been used to treat and protect. Now, Medline Remedy has introduced a new line of skin care products that are specially designed for sensitive skin.

How to Use Skin Prep

What is Skin Prep Barrier Wipes and Spray? What is Skin Prep? Skin prep is a liquid that when applied to the skin forms a protective film or barrier. When applied to intact skin, the protective film helps protect against friction and sheer when bandages and medical tapes are removed. Skin prep can also prepare the skin for the attachment of drainage tubes, wound care bandages, external catheters, ostomy flanges and wafers, and other adhesive style bandages. Skin prep is a water-proof liquid that forms a transparent film over the skin to protect it from possible irritation.

New Skin Care from Express Medical Supply!

New Skin Care Express Medical SupplyExpress Medical Supply has added two exciting new lines of premium skin care! They are made of quality ingredients and are specially formulated to help with a wide variety of skin care ailments. Express Medical Supply has always carried hospital quality discount medical supplies that can be ordered and delivered to your door. Now, you can enjoy even more selection. Viniferamine uses organic ingredients in all of their skin care products.

5 Easy Ways to Help Your Dry Winter Skin

5 Ways to Help Dry Winter Skin It's winter. For some, winter conjures up images of playing in the snow, making that perfect snowman and sipping hot cocoa by a warm fire. For others, it means staying inside and counting the days until spring. Whether you're inside or out this winter, everyone's skin is at risk. Dry winter skin is a common problem. It can cause dryness, redness, cracks and itching. Why does skin get so dry during winter? It's not just the cold temperatures that are to blame. Winter air tends to lack humidity which can dry out the skin's outer layer. Not only can dry, cracked skin make you uncomfortable, it can be dangerous as well. The small cracks in the skin, especially on the hands, are an easy way for bacteria to enter the body causing infection or illness.

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