October 2015

Brian's Motivational Condom Catheter Story

The best part of my job with Express Medical Supply is getting to talk to the people who use the supplies we sell. I first talked to Brian several months ago and he was frustrated because he could not find a leg bag that could be worn while he was riding his Ice Sprint 26x recumbent trike. Brian has had MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for 23 years and since his first exacerbation he has been focused on exercise. Maintaining his health and his quality of life is important to Brian and he works had to ensure his health goals are met despite having MS. He is active and needed a leg bag that could be concealed while riding his bike and wearing a pair of shorts. Brian called the MS Society, his Urologist, he even asked the recumbent trike riders group, no one knew of a product that met his needs. [More]

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Mary Nussbaum has been working with Express Medical Supply since the company started.  She is our "Diva of Data" and helps every department make decisions.  Mary has been married to her high school sweetheart for 34 years.  Together they have 4 children and 1 grandchild.  They are happy to announce they have another grandchild on the way!  Mary is motivated by the love of her family and friends.  This is Mary's story about what motivated her during her fight with breast cancer. [More]