November 2015

Biggest Medical Supply Sale of the Year

While you are still recovering from Thanksgiving travel and all those delicious leftovers Express Medical Supply is having the best sale of the year! Now is the time to stock up on those medical supplies and maybe throw in some Christmas presents for friends and family while the prices are down! [More]

Medical Supply Holiday Gift Guide
Every year I swear I am going to start holiday shopping early and every year I am looking at picked over shelves the night before it is time to exchange gifts. Not this year! I am shopping early so I can save money by ordering online. I love finding the perfect gift for the special people in my life. I am always torn, do I get them something they need or something they want? I love when I can find those special gifts that are both wanted and needed! Many of us, myself included, have older family members. If you are like me, you also have family and friends who have special needs. What is a better gift for them than something that will help them feel better and be healthier? If you or your loved one is homebound or in a wheelchair there are cushions by ROHO that can help them be healthier and more comfortable! Many people need skin care that you can't find in a regular store. We have skin care that the hospitals use to keep skin exposed to a variety of elements healthy and strong. Maybe they need a new pillow or something to make travel better? Here is a list of great gifts for the people in your life that need a little something extra to feel comfortable and stay healthy. [More]