March 2016

3M Tegaderm, can it help Road Rash?
3M Tegaderm, can it help road rash? What is Road Rash? Road rash is when your skin is injured by coming into contact with road surfaces during falls and/or crashes. Abrasions, scrapes, broken skin, and having skin embedded with road debris are all symptoms of road rash. Generally road rash is associated with skateboarding, cycling, roller, and motorcycling accidents. How do you treat road rash? Examine the wound. When you look at the wound, do you see fatty deposits or bone? If the answer is yes, immediately seek emergency medical attention. If you think the cuts and abrasions might need stitches, go with caution and seek medical attention. [More]

Nitrile Gloves at Home
Why Would You Use Nitrile Gloves at Home?
Chemicals - Sometimes in the home you need to use caustic cleansers or use other harsh chemicals that should not come in contact with your skin. Nitrile gloves are resistant to chemicals. This resistance makes them a great choice for home use.
Gardening - While gardening you can come into contact with fertilizers, insect repellents, and other substances that you don't want on your hands. Thorns and yard debris can be difficult to pick up with your bare hands but nitrile gloves are more puncture resistant than latex gloves so they help keep your hands safe. [More]