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SCA Tena Incontinence Solutions for Day and Night
SCA Tena has the solution for the incontinence challenges you may be having. Women and men can trust SCA Tena to provide quality incontinence products you can count on. Whether you need adult briefs or just the added confidence disposable pads can give you, Tena has wonderful choices you can rely on. Many people have to deal with incontinence issues every day. Men and women of all ages struggle with how to solve their incontinence problems. I think the best way to approach a challenge is to be prepared. There are many online medical supply stores that will deliver right to your door with free discreet shipping. [More]

How to Clean and Disinfect Your ROHO Air Cushion Banner
Cleaning and disinfecting your ROHO air cushion and cover are two different and equally important steps. Check your product manual to be sure you are following your specific cushion and cover cleaning directions. Keeping your cushion and cover clean will help your skin stay healthy as well as make your cushion and cover last longer. When you use something every day it is easy to ignore what kind of shape it is in or put off cleaning it for one more day. Whether you use your ROHO in an office chair or as your primary wheelchair cushion it is important to keep it clean. [More]

What is Skin Prep Barrier Wipes and Spray?
What is Skin Prep?
Skin prep is a liquid that when applied to the skin forms a protective film or barrier. When applied to intact skin, the protective film helps protect against friction and sheer when bandages and medical tapes are removed. Skin prep can also prepare the skin for the attachment of drainage tubes, wound care bandages, external catheters, ostomy flanges and wafers, and other adhesive style bandages. Skin prep is a water-proof liquid that forms a transparent film over the skin to protect it from possible irritation. [More]

Why are Olympians Wearing Sports Tape?

I am not the biggest sports fan in the world but there is something about the Olympics that is riveting. The incredible levels of athletic skill, the world wide competition, it is awesome to watch. One of the aspects of it that is so interesting is the different techniques the athletes use to train and prepare. These men and women are so dedicated and they are willing to sacrifice so much in order to achieve their dreams. I have seen the articles talking about cupping, carefully planned diets, and many other training regimes. I noticed a lot of people asking about the colorful tape that different athletes competing in Rio have been wearing and I got super excited because for once I already knew what it was! It is Kinesio Tape! [More]

Disposable Underpads - How to Buy Chux
What are Chux?
Chux are an older brand of disposable underpads that aren't sold anymore. Many people think they were called "Chux" or "Chucks" because you chuck them away when they are soiled. My Grandmother, who was a nurse during WWII, swore that "Chux" were originally made by nurses [More]

Foley Catheter Buyer's Guide to Indwelling Catheter Use
What is a Foley Catheter?
A Foley catheter, also called an "indwelling catheter" is a thin flexible tube often made of silicone, latex, or a silicone coated latex. The end of the thin tube has a balloon. Once inserted into the bladder, the balloon is filled with a sterile water. This prevents the catheter from being removed and holds the Foley catheter in place inside the bladder.
When Should I Use a Foley Catheter? Due to a medical problem, your body is having difficulty emptying your bladder of urine. [More]

Coloplast SpeediCath Hydrophilic Catheters Benefits and Features
What are the Benefits of Coloplast SpeediCath Self-Lubricated Catheters?
Coloplast Compact Female Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter Held in Hand Coloplast SpeediCath catheters have a special coating that makes the catheter easy to insert and remove. The coating is called "hydrophilic" and it is made of three elements. There is a base coating which helps make the coating uniform. The base coating is evenly distributed so even when you remove the catheter, the base coating doesn't rub off which makes the withdraw less traumatic on sensitive tissues. [More]

Which Antiseptic Wipes Should I Use?

What are Antiseptic Wipes?

Antiseptic Wipes are a convenient way of sterilizing the skin. Antiseptic wipes are a single use item that sanitizes skin without risk of cross contamination, unlike an entire bottle of potentially messy liquids. Each wipe is individually packaged making them easy to carry in a pocket, purse or inside even small first aid kits.
What are Antiseptic Wipes used for?
Antiseptic Wipes have a wide variety of uses. The short answer is, they are used for sterilizing. Antiseptic wipes kill germs and sanitize skin or whatever surface to which they are applied. Antiseptic wipes can be used to clean wounds, help perform a sterile catheter procedure, and prepare skin for surgery. They are a mainstay of home first aid kits and hospitals. [More]

ROHO Air Cushion Buying Guide for WheelchairsWhy choose ROHO Air Cushions? ROHO Air Cushions for wheelchairs and everyday use are meant to bring you comfort while helping prevent pressure injuries. Pressure injuries are a constant concern when you are using a wheelchair or have other mobility issues. There are four key concepts that set ROHO cushions apart from other cushions and they are: Six Degrees of Freedom - ROHO air cushions are constructed of individual cells or bubbles that move independently, allowing each cell to twist, turn, bend and adapt precisely to the curves of your body. Each cushion fits you! Low Surface Tension - The one of a kind design allows you to immerse into the cushion without deforming tissue. This is key to making skin breakdown less likely when compared to other wheelchair cushions. [More]

Bedside Bathing Peri-Wash and No Rinse Soap
Bedside bathing or sponge baths have changed patient care a lot over the past few years. No-Rinse body washes and shampoos and Peri-Wash products have improved, making them better solutions for the patient and caregiver. The No-Rinse products feel better on the skin, they don't leave a sticky uncomfortable residue and they are less likely to irritate and dry out skin, even skin that is sensitive and fragile due to injury or age. There are many bathing aids that can help you make your patient comfortable during their bedside bath.
When is a Bedside Bath or Sponge Bath a Better Choice? [More]

Shower Chairs What to Buy and What to Look for
What is a Shower Chair?
A shower chair is made for bathtubs or showers. It should be rust-resistant and sturdy. Bath chairs are designed for use by people who can not stand while they shower. They also help people avoid sitting in the bottom of the bathtub where they can easily slip trying to stand or caretakers can strain their backs lifting the person out of the tub. Shower chairs help people independently bathe and care for themselves while lowering the risk of accidental injury from painful falls. They are also called, tub seats, shower seats, shower benches, and bath seats all depending on the exact style. [More]

3M Tegaderm, can it help Road Rash?
3M Tegaderm, can it help road rash? What is Road Rash? Road rash is when your skin is injured by coming into contact with road surfaces during falls and/or crashes. Abrasions, scrapes, broken skin, and having skin embedded with road debris are all symptoms of road rash. Generally road rash is associated with skateboarding, cycling, roller, and motorcycling accidents. How do you treat road rash? Examine the wound. When you look at the wound, do you see fatty deposits or bone? If the answer is yes, immediately seek emergency medical attention. If you think the cuts and abrasions might need stitches, go with caution and seek medical attention. [More]

Nitrile Gloves at Home
Why Would You Use Nitrile Gloves at Home?
Chemicals - Sometimes in the home you need to use caustic cleansers or use other harsh chemicals that should not come in contact with your skin. Nitrile gloves are resistant to chemicals. This resistance makes them a great choice for home use.
Gardening - While gardening you can come into contact with fertilizers, insect repellents, and other substances that you don't want on your hands. Thorns and yard debris can be difficult to pick up with your bare hands but nitrile gloves are more puncture resistant than latex gloves so they help keep your hands safe. [More]