Wound Care & First Aid

3M Nexcare First Aid
First Aid kits are needed in every home and business. It is a simple thing to buy a pre-built first aid kit and call it a day. The first aid kits that are sold as a package are great for most situations. I think it is always nice to add a few items to them that fit you and your situation specifically. For instance, my son won't leave bandages alone so whenever possible I prefer to use the liquid bandage by 3M. It protects the cut or scrape allowing it to heal but my son can't peel it off. 3M Nexcare doesn't seem to come standard in a lot of first aid kits and that is a shame. Nexcare makes great products that are perfect for work and home. I am going to highlight some of the ones that I use often and have become standard in our personal first aid kits. [More]

Every Kid in the Park, President Barrack Obama Quote
There is a new program to get kids and their families to connect to nature and to the historic sites that surround them.Every Kid in a Park is a special program that allows 4th graders and their families to enjoy the National Parks throughout the United States. This great program not only helps kids connect to nature, it helps them value the public lands that need and deserve our protection. These National Parks are living classrooms. Outdoor places and historic sites that help kids see and apply what they have only read about in books. "Every Kid in a Park" is a great way for educators and parents to introduce their 4th graders to all the wonders public lands have to offer. [More]

3M medical tape rolls
When you are standing in a pharmacy aisle or looking at an online medical supply store, it is very easy to be overwhelmed with the choices for medical tape. This will hopefully help you understand what 3M means by medipore, transpore, microfoam, etc. 3M makes high quality medical and surgical tape. More than likely, if you were in the hospital you have seen 3M tape. All the medical tapes listed in this article are hypoallergenic. They are not all latex-free.
Different Styles of 3M Medical Tape: [More]

Fifty-one percent of American adults take two or more pills each day—a prescription drug, an over-the-counter drug, or a vitamin or herbal supplement—according to a new survey. And nearly half, 46 percent, said they were taking an average of nearly three prescription medications a week. Predictably, more people tended to take more prescriptions, as they grow older. [More]