Aquacel Ag Dressing Instructions

Aquacel Extra Convatec Hydrofiber Technology

Patient Guide for Applying Aquacel Extra and Aquacel Ag Extra

Aquacel Dressing: Tips for Use

You will need to wash your hands with soap and water. This is to make sure your hands are clean and free of dirt and contaminants. The next step is to clean the wound with a wound cleanser. This is not the same as cleaning the wound with regular soap and water. A wound cleanser like CarraKlenz is specially designed to clean debris from the wound bed. CarraKlenz is a dermal wound cleanser and it promotes a moist wound environment which helps the healing process.

Aquacel AG Dressing Instructions:

Note: All wound care should be overseen by a medical professional. If you have any questions about your wound, you should seek proper medical care. This information is meant for educational purposes and to help you ask your doctor better questions to help you get the best care.

AQUACEL Ag Rope Hydrofiber Dressing

Shallow wounds – The dressing should overlap the complete wound area by ½ inch because Aquacel will shrink as it absorbs the wound fluid and begins to gel.

Deep wounds – Deep wounds may require the use of a wound packing gauze. If that is the case, then make sure you leave at least 1 inch of the gauze strip outside of the wound for easy removal. If you are using the AQUACEL Ag Ribbon Dressing with Strengthening Fiber, then you should only fill the dressing into deep wounds up to 80% because the wound packing gauze will swell as it absorbs the wound fluid. Always check with your doctor to make sure you are using your medical supplies as directed and as needed.

Apply a secondary dressing to hold the Aquacel in place – Aquacel Extra and Aquacel AG do not have an adhesive border surrounding the wound dressing so you will need another dressing to cover them and hold them in place. It is important that you use an adhesive dressing that keeps the wound moist such as ConvaTec DuoDERM Signal which is specifically designed to hold Aquacel dressings in place. DuoDerm Signal is an adhesive, tapered edge, hydrocolloid wound dressing that signals you when the bandage has absorbed an excess of fluid. The indicator line will alert you when a dressing change is necessary. The adhesive and the outer film are permeable by moisture vapor and provide an occlusive barrier against bacteria, viruses, dirt, and water. If you are covering the Aquacel with medical gauze change the gauze when you see wound fluid through the outer layer.

Duoderm Dressing, Duroderm Signal

When to Change Aquacel Wound Dressings – The dressing may need to be changed every 2 to 3 days to start, Aquacel can be left in place for up to 7 days, however it will need to be changed when medically needed. As the wound closes and the exudate/fluid becomes less the dressing will be able to stay in place longer. The dressing should be changed when it is saturated with wound fluid or when the edges of the dressing start to curl up or bunch up into itself. If the wound dressing is leaking, if you are seeing more blood, if there is increased pain then you should change the dressing and inspect the wound. Wounds need to be inspected frequently. If there are any residual bits of dressing, then you will need to irrigate the wound with wound cleanser. If the dressing becomes hard and dry making it hard to remove, then you can moisten the dressing with sterile saline or sterile water until the dressing lifts from the wound easily. This may take several minutes however it is a needed step. You should not use tap water or bottled water on a wound.

When to call your doctor or medical provider:

    Signs of Wound Infection:
  • Excessive drainage that has changed in color or consistency
  • Redness surrounding the wound, specially if the area of redness grows
  • Warmth around the wound
  • Increased pain or tenderness
  • Unusual odor
  • Sudden spike in glucose levels in a person with diabetes

  • It is important to remember that you can always call your doctor with questions about your personal healthcare. Your medical team is invested in your care and they want your wound to heal well. Signs of infection should never be ignored. If you have any doubt about your wound discharge or if what you are seeing, or smelling is normal, you should call them and ask. Wounds can become infected but with the proper wound dressings and care they can heal cleanly.

What is the Difference Between Aquacel Extra and Aquacel Ag Extra?

Aquacel AG Extra by Convatec with Hydrofiber Technology

There are some differences between these two wound dressings by Convatec. The first and most obvious is that the Aquacel AG Extra is impregnated with 1.2% ionic silver and the Aquacel Extra is not. What is the silver for? The ionic silver supports wound healing and helps fight infection, decreases pain, and helps keep exudate in check. Aquacel AG Extra with ionic silver kills a broad spectrum of wound-related bacteria and yeasts. AG Extra is 9 times stronger and has 50% greater absorbency. But, both dressings are powered by hydrofiber technology so they both are designed to support wound healing.  Aquacel has strengthening fibers which locks in wound fluid and exudate inside of the fiber itself. The fibers of the dressing swell and form micro contours, so each part of the wound bed is covered by the bandage. To make Aquacel into a stronger bandage, Convatec has placed horizontal strengthening fibers across the wound dressing and then placed a second hydrofiber sheet over the top for even greater absorption. The two sheets are stitch bonded for extra durability. Aquacel AG can be cut in any direction which means it can fit even odd shaped wounds without waste. Make sure you are using sterilized scissors to cut the dressing. You don't want to contaminate the dressing by using craft scissors.

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  • John

    11/6/2018 5:38:26 PM |

    I am having a wound dressed at one point daily with aquacel extra ribbon ,now it`s every 2 days.
    i`m seeing 3 different nurses 2 of which i hardly feel them packing the aquacel extra and with them the wound has been coming along nicely.Hardly any discharge. Today i was seen by another  who i really felt packing the aquacel. By the time i got home there was obvious sign of discharge through the plaster.
    How long should aquacel extra be left on,when it`s obviously saturated with fluid?

  • Tara

    11/9/2018 9:03:04 AM |

    Hello John,
    If the Aquacel Extra rope is completely saturated it will need to be changed. It is a good idea to leave some space at the top of the wound when filling because the rope will swell. I would check with your nurses to see exactly how long the wound dressing should be kept in place. I am glad to hear that it is healing well!

  • Ezekiel

    3/11/2020 9:51:12 AM |


    Can apply silver sulphadiazine  cream 1% (silbecor) on the wound and cover it with aquacel Ag?

  • Tara

    3/11/2020 10:48:24 AM |

    Hello Ezekiel,

    Yes, you can use Aquacel Ag in this application, you will need a secondary dressing to keep the Aquacel in place. You get your doctor's approval before using any new product on your wound, your medical team will know the best practice for your care. Thank you!

  • Chuck

    3/30/2020 10:02:32 AM |

    Can Mepilex self adhesive dressing be applied over the Aquacel to assist in keeping the Aquacel in place?

  • Tara

    3/30/2020 12:52:08 PM |

    Chuck, yes, Mepilex  would work well!

  • Khew

    4/28/2020 1:10:28 AM |

    May I know which facing to put on the wound? Or both sides the same?  One side is more furry than the other side

  • Hajra Mirza Kousar

    7/13/2020 8:40:39 AM |

    Hi,, I placed AQUACEL yesterday and today when i seen I can’t find it important to remove or it’s ok to leave it inside because its become gel?

  • Mary

    8/9/2020 8:35:00 AM |

    Can this dressing be used in pregnancy(34 weeks). It is used on my burned belly.
    Thanks in advance

  • Judy

    8/14/2020 9:09:25 AM |

    Do i need to wet the Aquacel Extra before it apply to the open wound? I've seen 3 nurses so far applied dry and the last nurse applied it wet.

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