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Care and Management of Your Perineal Wound

If during the course of your surgery, your rectum and anus were removed; you have what is called a P

Overcoming the Challenge of Pouching in Difficult Situations

How to Overcome Ostomy Challenges “How do I get my pouch to work with the creases in my abdomen?” “How do I get a difficult pouch to stick?” “What can I do to pouch a retracted stoma?” These are just some of the questions heard from ostomates on a daily basis, the world over. With the help of these tips today, hopefully you can avoid come of the common challenges that face anyone with an ostomy. When in doubt, always contact your medical team. They know your individual needs better than anyone and together you can improve your day to day

If You Are Hospitalized Again

Sooner or later, we will all have a situation that calls for a hospitalization.  While a hospit

Coping with Infections: Facts & Fallacies

Ostomy Help: Coping with Infection It is true that our bodies contain many normal bacteria; we do not live in a sterile world. We humans have a natural immunity to many of these organisms; some are even helpful in keeping down growth of more harmful bacteria.

Discharge Planning & Follow-Up Care Reduces Rehospitalization

One of the current and more frustrating problems facing a new ostomate today is the shortened hospit

Positive Image of Ostomates?

Express Medical Supply, a discount medical supply store, works with a lot of people who have had an

How Can Ostomy Surgery Affect You?

Each person is unique and deals with the circumstances surrounding ostomy surgery in a different way

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