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5 Easy Ways to Help Your Dry Winter Skin

5 Ways to Help Dry Winter Skin It's winter. For some, winter conjures up images of playing in the snow, making that perfect snowman and sipping hot cocoa by a warm fire. For others, it means staying inside and counting the days until spring. Whether you're inside or out this winter, everyone's skin is at risk. Dry winter skin is a common problem. It can cause dryness, redness, cracks and itching. Why does skin get so dry during winter? It's not just the cold temperatures that are to blame. Winter air tends to lack humidity which can dry out the skin's outer layer. Not only can dry, cracked skin make you uncomfortable, it can be dangerous as well. The small cracks in the skin, especially on the hands, are an easy way for bacteria to enter the body causing infection or illness.

Will 2013 Bring a New You?

Happy New Year from everyone at OstomyHelp.com!   We are hopeful that you had a wonderful

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