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Convatec GentleCath - Experience the Difference!

Convatec GentleCath Catheters
Intermittent catheterization means you use a hollow plastic tube called a catheter to drain your urine. After the urine is fully drained, the catheter is removed and then discarded. All intermittent catheters are classified as a one time use medical item, they are not designed to be reused. There are other types of catheters like Foley and External, your doctor will let you know which type works best for you.The catheter is inserted into the urethra and then travels through the urethra and into the bladder, the urine then drains through the catheter.

Coloplast Brava Barrier Strips: New Shapes for Every Ostomy!

Coloplast has added some new shapes to their Brava Barrier Strips,

Express Medical Supply: Customer Appreciation Week!

Express Medical Supply Customer Appreciation Week Express Medical Supply is celebrating their customers with FREE GIFTS! Every order placed between February 9th - 13th will receive a free gift! The free gift is for any order no matter how small and because this is such a great offer, supplies may be limited so substitutions may occur. Each day will mean a new surprise gift! Every night at midnight, the free gift will change, so each day is a chance for something new to be added to your order! The gift is for all of our customers who place orders, whether you order online or over the phone. The free gift may be shipped separately. The gifts are Citrus II Hand Sanitizer, Duromed Pill Holders, Digital Thermometers, Penlight, and Hygea Flushable Wipes; great medical supplies

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