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Blog posts of '2015' 'September'

Skin Preps and Ostomy Care

Skin Preps are called several different names. They are sometimes called, barrier films, wipes, barrier wipes, barrier spray, etc. All of these things are the same product: Skin Prep. They are used to protect your skin from harsh adhesives, shear, and stomal output. Over time the skin around your stoma can become irritated by the constant presence of the adhesives from your wafer. If you have redness, sores, broken skin, irritated itchy patches, or anything other than healthy skin, skin preps could help your skin heal while also helping your ostomy appliance adhere better. The best part of skin preps are, they serve two purposes. They protect your skin and they help your ostomy pouch stay on better. Skin preps are easy to use. After you wash your stoma and the skin around your stoma, allow your skin to dry completely.

Every Kid in a Park!

Every Kid in the Park, President Barrack Obama Quote There is a new program to get kids and their families to connect to nature and to the historic sites that surround them.Every Kid in a Park is a special program that allows 4th graders and their families to enjoy the National Parks throughout the United States. This great program not only helps kids connect to nature, it helps them value the public lands that need and deserve our protection. These National Parks are living classrooms. Outdoor places and historic sites that help kids see and apply what they have only read about in books. "Every Kid in a Park" is a great way for educators and parents to introduce their 4th graders to all the wonders public lands have to offer.

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