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Convex Ostomy Wafers, Do I Need Them?

Coloplast Sensura Mio Convex What is a Stoma? Stoma surgery results in a small opening on the surface of the abdomen being surgically created in order to alter the flow of feces and/or urine, often called, "stoma output". A stoma looks a lot like a small spout and because it does not have nerve endings it does not feel pain. A healthy stoma is deep red and it looks a lot like the inside of a healthy mouth. What is a Recessed Stoma? A stoma generally sticks out from the side of the abdomen this helps the output enter the pouch easier. However, sometimes the stoma is "recessed" or retracted. The stoma can be flush against the skin or just shorter than what is normally expected. This can cause problems because the opening of the stoma does not reach the inside of the ostomy pouch. This can cause the output to cover the skin around the stoma or go between the wafer and the pouch which can cause leaks and damage skin. What is a Convex wafer?

ROHO Air Cushions Buying Guide

ROHO Air Cushion Buying Guide for WheelchairsWhy choose ROHO Air Cushions? ROHO Air Cushions for wheelchairs and everyday use are meant to bring you comfort while helping prevent pressure injuries. Pressure injuries are a constant concern when you are using a wheelchair or have other mobility issues. There are four key concepts that set ROHO cushions apart from other cushions and they are: Six Degrees of Freedom - ROHO air cushions are constructed of individual cells or bubbles that move independently, allowing each cell to twist, turn, bend and adapt precisely to the curves of your body. Each cushion fits you! Low Surface Tension - The one of a kind design allows you to immerse into the cushion without deforming tissue. This is key to making skin breakdown less likely when compared to other wheelchair cushions.

Peri-Wash and Bedside Care Bathing Tips

Bedside Bathing Peri-Wash and No Rinse Soap Bedside bathing or sponge baths have changed patient care a lot over the past few years. No-Rinse body washes and shampoos and Peri-Wash products have improved, making them better solutions for the patient and caregiver. The No-Rinse products feel better on the skin, they don't leave a sticky uncomfortable residue and they are less likely to irritate and dry out skin, even skin that is sensitive and fragile due to injury or age. There are many bathing aids that can help you make your patient comfortable during their bedside bath. When is a Bedside Bath or Sponge Bath a Better Choice?

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