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What are Texas Style Catheters?

What are Texas Style Condom Catheters? What are Texas Style Condom Catheters? Texas style catheters are constructed of three pieces. The latex sheath is worn over the head and shaft of the penis and feels more like a condom because it is thinner than the silicone external condom catheters. The latex sheath is connected to rigid white silicone tubing, this is where the urine is drained and it is connected to a catheter insert. These three pieces make up the Texas style catheter: sheath, white silicone tubing, and catheter insert. Texas style catheters are made of natural rubber latex and should not be used by anyone with a latex allergy.

Hollister Ostomy Solutions for Odor Control

Hollister Ostomy Solutions for Odor Control Hollister Ostomy Solutions for Odor Control Hollister has a complete line of ostomy supplies, they offer one piece and two piece ostomy systems, rings and seals, and many different ostomy accessories. I have discussed the new Cera Plus products that Hollister has made and how they help with skin care. Cera Plus is such a great solution for helping your skin stay healthy that I realized I have neglected the other things that Hollister does well. Hollister Ostomy has two products that work to control odors associated with ostomy output.

TED Hose or Compression Socks?

Should I wear TED Hose or Compression Socks? Do I Need T.E.D. Anti-Embolism Stockings? You should wear anti-embolism stockings when you are recovering from surgery, a long illness, or otherwise confined to bed. Anti-embolism stockings are not meant to be worn while you are walking around or going about your day normally. The word that is used most often is "ambulatory" or "non-ambulatory". Ambulatory is when you are able to get up and walk around and non-ambulatory would be the opposite. Anti-embolism stockings have a different kind of compression structure, the compression changes as the stocking moves up the leg. This style of compression is best suited for non-ambulatory usage. For the best results, you should not use them when you are going to work or able to freely walk around your home.

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