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A Comprehensive Guide to Enemas: Relieving Constipation and Preparing for Medical Procedures

Speech bubbles asking the “What is an enema and how long does it take an enema to work? What is an enema? An enema is a liquid laxative that is administered rectally. Enemas cannot be taken by mouth or in any other way. Enemas are never to be taken orally. The medical purpose for the enema is that it relieves constipation. You can also use an enema prior to medical procedures or examinations. Your doctor will prescribe you an enema if it is needed for the medical exam. Enemas are administrated rectally by introducing the laxative liquid into the rectum instead of the digestive system which means it won’t upset your digestive system. When you begin using enemas it is a good idea to discuss it with your doctor. Your doctor can tell you how many days in a row they would like you to use an enema and what guidelines to follow.

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