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How to Treat Mosquito Bites

How to treat mosquito bites with Calmoseptine How Long do Mosquito Bites Last? How long will you have to deal with this itchy annoying bug bite? Well, it depends on how sensitive you are to bug bites. Female mosquitoes bite you so they can drink your blood. They then use your blood to help them have the resources needed to produce eggs. Mosquito bites itch because the mosquito's saliva. That saliva is left behind on your skin and it triggers your immune system. So, the area of the bite becomes inflamed. So as weird as it sounds, it is the saliva that really causes the biggest problem. That itchy, red, swollen bump is caused by bug spit. So, how long do mosquito bites last? That depends on how sensitive you are to the bites and how quickly you treat the bite.

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