How to Treat Urinary Crystal Build Up in Urostomy
What is a Urostomy?
A urostomy is an opening in the stomach or abdominal wall that has been made so urine can be re-directed away from the bladder. The small opening is called a stoma, which will look like a colostomy or ileostomy stoma. This procedure is done when the bladder has been damaged due to disease, accident, or an issue at birth. The bladder would be removed or bypassed and the urostomy would serve to remove urine from the body. A urostomy pouch will need to be worn. Urostomy pouches differ from ostomy pouches, instead of a wide mouth opening a urostomy pouch has a drain valve that can be connected to tubing in order to connect to another urinary leg bag or a night drainage bag. The additional tubing and urinary bags would be used when you need to go a longer period of time between emptying your pouch, like when you are sleeping or traveling. [More]

How to Use Convatec Eakin Seals

Convatec Eakin Cohesive Seals are designed to be worn around the stoma. The material is alcohol-free which means it won't sting when worn against damaged skin. The most common complaints people with an ostomy have is stomal skin problems and leaks. Eakin Seals help with both of those issues. The seal is soft and it is easy to mold around your stoma so no output comes in contact with your skin.They are water-proof and will not lose stickiness even when you are handling and molding the seal. [More]

Coloplast Sensura Mio Convex

What is a Stoma?
Stoma surgery results in a small opening on the surface of the abdomen being surgically created in order to alter the flow of feces and/or urine, often called, "stoma output". A stoma looks a lot like a small spout and because it does not have nerve endings it does not feel pain. A healthy stoma is deep red and it looks a lot like the inside of a healthy mouth.
What is a Recessed Stoma?
A stoma generally sticks out from the side of the abdomen this helps the output enter the pouch easier. However, sometimes the stoma is "recessed" or retracted. The stoma can be flush against the skin or just shorter than what is normally expected. This can cause problems because the opening of the stoma does not reach the inside of the ostomy pouch. This can cause the output to cover the skin around the stoma or go between the wafer and the pouch which can cause leaks and damage skin. What is a Convex wafer? [More]

Tips for Eating with an Ostomy Yellow Banner
Tips for Eating with an Ostomy: Real people share what they have learned. What is a Colostomy?
A colostomy is when a portion of the large intestine is by-passed or removed. The remaining functioning large intestine is brought through the abdominal wall which creates a stoma. People with a colostomy often use closed pouch systems. [More]

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Many people who have an ostomy are concerned about odors. They worry that people will be able to smell their ostomy pouch and it can make them feel self-conscience. I have spoken to people who feel so self-aware when it comes to their ostomy that they no longer feel comfortable going to parties or gatherings where they will be in close quarters with other people. [More]

Have you ever looked at ostomy supplies and didn't know how to use them? Sometimes reading the little inserts inside the boxes isn't enough. What if you don't know anyone with an ostomy or your nurse isn't available to answer every question? YouTube is an amazing resource for ostomy care and support. You can find product reviews, how-to videos, and general ostomy support. The people who make the ostomy videos on YouTube do an fantastic job explaining the products and sharing what life with an ostomy is like. The best part of a how-to video to me is, you can pause and rewind if you didn't understand something and you can bookmark the video so you can watch it again later if you forget a step. You can find a ton of tips and tricks for life with an ostomy. As an example, I am going to share a video made by a youtuber named, Outpatient. This is an older video that helped me understand how to use Hollister Adapt Barrier Rings. When I first saw this product, I wasn't sure how well it would work or how you used it. This video has helped me explain the product to many people. There are many other awesome YouTube ostomy channels. What are some of your favorites? [More]

There are certain questions that come up over and over again when I am on the phone helping people with their ostomy care. The usual questions about products are easy to answer with a little research. Some questions are harder and one that I could never find a good answer for was, how do you shower without getting your ostomy pouch and wafer wet? I was able to find products that worked for casts and small wounds but nothing seemed to work for an entire ostomy bag and wafer. Then I found this video. I think this is a great solution! It is simple, clever, and inexpensive and because it is so versatile I think anyone can use this method whether they have an ileostomy, colostomy, or an urostomy. The tape that is mentioned in the video is a fantastic tape called, Hy-Tape - Zinc Oxide Waterproof Pink Tape. [More]

Having an ostomy means having and using an ostomy pouch. The ostomy pouch and wafer use adhesives to adhere or stick to the body. A secure seal is important for many reasons. The ostomy system fitting securely and remaining in place means you can remain confident that your pouch won't fall off or become loose. Your skin won't come into contact with your stoma output so it will not become irritated. Strong adhesion means you will have better wear times so your ostomy supplies will last longer so you spend less money on supplies. Ostomy supply manufacturers like Coloplast, Hollister, and Convatec all research adhesives and try to find the best possible adhesives for their ostomy systems. Ideally, you would not need any ostomy supply accessories because your ostomy system works great by itself and you get fantastic wear time and everything is perfect. I talk to very few ostomates who say their ostomy system is perfect. If you need extra wear time or your ostomy appliance isn't staying in place you might want to give a liquid adhesive a try. [More]