November 2015

Having an ostomy means having and using an ostomy pouch. The ostomy pouch and wafer use adhesives to adhere or stick to the body. A secure seal is important for many reasons. The ostomy system fitting securely and remaining in place means you can remain confident that your pouch won't fall off or become loose. Your skin won't come into contact with your stoma output so it will not become irritated. Strong adhesion means you will have better wear times so your ostomy supplies will last longer so you spend less money on supplies. Ostomy supply manufacturers like Coloplast, Hollister, and Convatec all research adhesives and try to find the best possible adhesives for their ostomy systems. Ideally, you would not need any ostomy supply accessories because your ostomy system works great by itself and you get fantastic wear time and everything is perfect. I talk to very few ostomates who say their ostomy system is perfect. If you need extra wear time or your ostomy appliance isn't staying in place you might want to give a liquid adhesive a try. [More]