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Dr. Shennon has been a urostomate since 1980 and from that time has suffered from many peristomal skin problems such as inflammation and red raw skin around the stoma caused by seepage from his urostomy appliance.  Through his experience, he has found relief from for his skin irritations by using a common antibacterial gel hand sanitizer.... [More]

Upon reflection, most people view their ostomy as a relief from years or even a lifetime of suffering.  Most view this new lifestyle as liberating and welcome the healthy changes it brings to their lives.  However, this freedom and healthy change still has some drawbacks and pitfalls to watch for.  Two of those pitfalls we are going ... [More]

We live in stressful times, there really is no avoiding it.  Most of us have heavy concerns with try to balance our work life and home life, raising our children, providing opportunities for our children to go to college, weddings, dating, concerns about the economy, our future retirement, and the list could go on indefinitely.   As well ... [More]

Everybody gets some form of heartburn from time to time, but as we get older, it often seems to be more frequent and more severe. Reflux esophagitis refers to a backup of stomach contents into the lower esophagus, where the stomach acids produce a burning sensation. It is commonly known as GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease. In case it ... [More]

I had ulcerative colitis for 14 years before I became so ill that my colon had to be removed. I was so afraid of having an ostomy that I postponed treatment and nearly died. Knowing my feelings about ostomies, my doctor performed a rarely done straight ileoanal anostomosis when he couldn’t make me a J-pouch. I lived three years of hell with t... [More]

Question: How soon after ostomy surgery can I return to a normal diet? Answer: Physicians and ostomy nurses suggest that you begin slowly, depending upon your recovery and/or other medical complications. Add back one new food at a time. If you experience any problems, discontinue for a few weeks and try again. Question: In the past, certain foods ... [More]

We have all heard about the dangers of taking in too much salt in our diet I am sure.  Doctors have been warning us to lower our sodium intake and we see commercials on TV on a routine basis reminding us to lower our sodium.  The same advice given for your general health also holds true for your health regarding your ileostomy. A person ... [More]

In this world of internet searches, marketing scams, and identity theft, there are many types of people trying to find out information about you.  Some of it may be beneficial, some not.  Before you give out your personal information, including information about your medical history and your ostomy, ask yourself a few questions.  &ld... [More]

Bowel control after a Colostomy depends in part on the nature of the colostomy and in part on the nature of the person. Patients with right-sided colostomies do not have as much remaining colon as those with a left-sided colostomy. Because of this, there is usually too little colon left to absorb enough water to make a solid stool. This type cannot... [More]

Arthritis is the most common non-intestinal condition associated with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Although most people with these diseases do not develop arthritis, three primary kinds may develop: Rheumatoid-like Arthritis: This usually involves the wrists and fingers and may improve or worsen without regard to the course of t... [More]