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Express Medical Supply Product ReviewsHave you ever looked at ostomy supplies and didn't know how to use them? Sometimes reading the little inserts inside the boxes isn't enough. What if you don't know anyone with an ostomy or your nurse isn't available to answer every question? YouTube is an amazing resource for ostomy care and support. You can find product reviews, how-to videos, and general ostomy support. The people who make the ostomy videos on YouTube do an fantastic job explaining the products and sharing what life with an ostomy is like. tips and tricks for life with an ostomy. As an example, I am going to share [More]

There are certain questions that come up over and over again when I am on the phone helping people with their ostomy care. The usual questions about products are easy to answer with a little research. Some questions are harder and one that I could never find a good answer for was, how do you shower without getting your ostomy pouch and wafer wet? I was able to find products that worked for casts and small wounds but nothing seemed to work for an entire ostomy bag and wafer. Then I found this video. I think this is a great solution! It is simple, clever, and inexpensive and because it is so versatile I think anyone can use this method whether they have an ileostomy, colostomy, or an urostomy. The tape that is mentioned in the video is a fantastic tape called, Hy-Tape - Zinc Oxide Waterproof Pink Tape. [More]

Having an ostomy means having and using an ostomy pouch. The ostomy pouch and wafer use adhesives to adhere or stick to the body. A secure seal is important for many reasons. The ostomy system fitting securely and remaining in place means you can remain confident that your pouch won't fall off or become loose. Your skin won't come into contact with your stoma output so it will not become irritated. Strong adhesion means you will have better wear times so your ostomy supplies will last longer so you spend less money on supplies. Ostomy supply manufacturers like Coloplast, Hollister, and Convatec all research adhesives and try to find the best possible adhesives for their ostomy systems. Ideally, you would not need any ostomy supply accessories because your ostomy system works great by itself and you get fantastic wear time and everything is perfect. I talk to very few ostomates who say their ostomy system is perfect. If you need extra wear time or your ostomy appliance isn't staying in place you might want to give a liquid adhesive a try. [More]

Whether you or a loved one has an ostomy, one thing is certain, there is a lot to learn. It can be confusing to say the least when you first start caring for your ostomy. Your nurses and doctors will be using terms you may have never heard before. They may reference things you can't even picture because you have never seen them before! I have listed out some very basic ostomy terms to get you familiar with some of the supplies. Be patient with yourself and never be afraid to ask questions. These are just a few of the terms you will hear and there are many others. United Ostomy Association of America has a great guide for new ostomates that I highly recommend. [More]

Skin Preps are called several different names. They are sometimes called, barrier films, wipes, barrier wipes, barrier spray, etc. All of these things are the same product: Skin Prep. They are used to protect your skin from harsh adhesives, shear, and stomal output. Over time the skin around your stoma can become irritated by the constant presence of the adhesives from your wafer. If you have redness, sores, broken skin, irritated itchy patches, or anything other than healthy skin, skin preps could help your skin heal while also helping your ostomy appliance adhere better. The best part of skin preps are, they serve two purposes. They protect your skin and they help your ostomy pouch stay on better.

Skin preps are easy to use. After you wash your stoma and the skin around your stoma, allow your skin to dry completely. [More]

It is time for Back to School and that means no more late summer nights making s’mores or playing flashlight tag. It is back to homework and early bedtimes. Lunch boxes and school supplies will need to be purchased but if you are the parent of a child with an ostomy there are some extra items you will need to add to your list. Ostomy supplies will need to be organized and you will have to work to make sure your child's school is ready to be a part of your ostomy team! Communication is of the utmost importance. You will want to talk to the school nurse as well as classroom teachers to let them know how they can help your child manage and control their ostomy. An ostomy is no reason to miss out on all the fun filled learning that is waiting for your child. Being proactive and communicating with your child's school will make a HUGE difference! What Ostomy Supplies Do I Send Each Day? [More]

Coloplast Ostomy maker of ostomy pouches, wafers, and ostomy accessories has always been innovative when it comes to helping people live their best life with an ostomy. I love the story of how they started as a company. The founder of Coloplast was a nurse and her sister was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, ostomy appliances were not comfortable, dependable, or discreet. Below is a great video that tells the story of Elise Sorensen and how her sister inspired her to use her skills to help make life with an ostomy easier. [More]