Green Abstract - Healthy Skin
Red and irritated skin is not a normal part of having an ostomy. Ideally, your ostomy appliance should fit well and you should have healthy happy skin under and around your ostomy. If your skin is damaged, it is a great idea to contact a professional. The best place to go when you have a problem with your ostomy is of course your WOC nurse and your medical team. They are familiar with your individual challenges and can tailor a treatment that is perfect for you. The most important thing is, don't settle for painful and irritated skin! There is a solution out there and I hope you can find the best one for you!

coloplast cut to fit ostomy flange There are many things that can cause skin problems around your ostomy. Some of the common culprits are: leakage of stomal discharge, wearing the wrong barrier or flange size, sensitivity to a product that was used, and frequent ostomy pouch changes. Personally, I think that a "Cut to Fit" ostomy pouch can be very helpful for a lot of ostomates. Our bodies aren't uniform and your stoma is not factory made. [More]

When you first have your ostomy surgery, you are given medical supplies and a lot of instructions on how to use them. The colostomy bags, and flanges and wafers are obvious, you knew you would need those. However, there are a lot of ostomy accessories that are so clever that once you try them out, you won't know how you lived without them. [More]

Coloplast Brava Lubricating Deodorant Drops Help Stop Pancaking:
When you have an ostomy there are many challenges that you face on a daily basis. Luckily, there are a lot of products on the market to help combat some common problems had by people with ostomies. One problem that many people have is called, pancaking. Pancaking is when your output does not drop to the bottom of the bag and instead it sticks to the top of the ostomy bag by the wafer. An ostomy wafer is also called a flange or baseplate. Pancaking is a problem because that stuck output can stop the filter from working, which can cause problems with built up gas as well as odor, or worse, make the pouch come off completely. When the filter stops working it can cause the bag to fill up with gas and balloon out. The clogged filter can also cause issues with odor. Output being stuck against the wafer means that when more output is produced it has nowhere to go, so it often gets under the wafer or flange. Output under the flange can cause sore skin, irritation, and leaks. [More]