Ostomy Information

Ostomy Information for New Ostomates
Ostomy Information for New Ostomates
First off, in case you don't know what an ostomate is, an ostomate is a person with an ostomy. Any kind of ostomy, it can be an ileostomy, colostomy, urostomy, any kind at all. If you have an ostomy, you are an ostomate. When you become an ostomate whether it was planned or due to traumatic injury, you will have a lot of new words thrown at you. Ostomy pouches, ostomy barriers, flanges, baseplates, there is a lot to learn. The doctors and nurses who make up your medical team may use words you have never heard before. They may assume you understand what they are saying because they understand it themselves. One of most important things you can do is learn how to advocate for yourself. It is impossible to know everything so don't feel bad if you don't understand something [More]

United Ostomy Association Ostomy Awareness Day 2017
Ostomy Awareness Day is on Saturday, October 7th this year. I love the theme they have chosen, "Navigate the Journey Together". This is an excellent reminder to everyone who has an ostomy, whether it is an ileostomy, urostomy, colostomy, or any and all ostomies, you are not alone. There are so many people who have an ostomy, there is no reason to feel isolated! United Ostomy Associations of America is a wonderful group that provides ostomy education and support. They help people live their best life before, during, and after ostomy surgery. In my time working with Express Medical Supply, an online medical supply company, I have had the honor to talk to many ostomates. It is a source of joy when I can help them find the ostomy appliance that helps their skin feel better or the ostomy accessories that helps them increase their wear time. The best part though, is when I can tell them that they are not alone, that there are people who have ostomies out in the world. I can honestly assure them this is a fact because I spend most of my time at work helping people who have an ostomy. [More]

Achievement Unlocked Ostomy Pouch Change in a Public Restroom
When you have an ostomy, your ostomy is with you all of the time. It doesn't go away when you are shopping, working, or running. As an ostomate you will need to find ways to make your ostomy work in every situation. Not just when you are in the comfort of your own home. You will need to change or empty your ostomy system while you are away from home. In order to change your ostomy pouch in a public restroom you will need to plan ahead. This is an important achievement to unlock for anyone with an ostomy. Having an ostomy does not mean your life is reduced to your home, you will be able to do all the things you enjoyed before. Learning how to care for your ostomy takes time and patience but it is worth it. [More]

Medical Adhesives and Medical Adhesive Removers Banner
What are Medical Adhesives?
Medical adhesives are a skin safe adhesive compound that are used to attach medical appliances like ostomy wafers and flanges and/or external condom catheters. Medical adhesives are also used in surgery. There are adhesives that contain natural latex such as Perma-Type surgical cement as well as silicone adhesives such as Urocare's Uro-Bond. Medical adhesives are intended to be used on skin and are designed to be skin friendly. [More]

Thanksgiving Dinner with an Ostomy

Eating with an ostomy can be a challenge but it doesn't have to ruin your time with family and friends at Thanksgiving. The most important thing to remember is, food has an influence on your ostomy output. Being prepared and having some extra knowledge can help make a family dinner a success. If you have never looked into how food and your ostomy interact, you can check out this great Ostomy Nutrition Guide.
Family Dinner with an Ostomy Survival Kit: [More]

What is an Ostomy Wafer & Barrier?
What is an Ostomy Wafer or Barrier?
Ostomy wafers are the same thing as ostomy barriers. The ostomy barrier is the part of the appliance that goes against the skin and has a hole that fits around your stoma. The ostomy barrier is often called a flange, wafer, device, or appliance. An ostomy barrier sticks to the skin around your stoma by using adhesive. The skin around your stoma is called your "peristomal skin" and surrounds your stoma. The ostomy barrier goes around your stoma and protects your skin from stomal output. The ostomy barrier also allows your ostomy pouch to connect to your body. [More]