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Express Medical Supply Online Sweepstakes!

Express Medical Supply Online Contest Sweepstakes Cash giveaway banner

It is time for Express Medical Supply's online sweeps contest!! That means you can win a $500.00 Visa gift card just by finding the hidden products! The products are hidden all over the website and each day a different category on the website will be listed so you know where to start looking. You are going to want to check each day to make sure you don't miss a hint. I will get you started and help you find the first day's hints super easy. Don't worry if you are reading this and the contest has been going for several days, you can start the contest any time as long as the contest is still active, so just go back and find each day's hints. Each special product you find is a chance to win the $500.00 Visa gift card! What will you spend the $500.00 on??

Express Medical Supply Online Contest Sweepstakes Cash giveaway

How to Enter the Online Contest:


Express Medical Supply Online Contest Sweepstakes Cash giveaway Day 1 hint Follow the daily hints posted on the Express Medical Supply contest page or on Express Medical Supply's Facebook. On each daily hint, there are products to find on our website. Click on the hints to start searching. Each product shown on the daily hint will have an entry form, you'll earn 1 entry for each product found. There are multiple chances to enter each day! View contest rules.

Here are the first day hints so you can jump in and get started! All the products are made by Hollister and can be used by anyone who has an ostomy. These are quality medical supplies and they are also the first three chances to win that $500.00 Visa gift card!


Day One Hints!

  1. Hollister Adapt - Flexible Skin Barrier Ring Seals
  2. Hollister Adapt - Ostomy Appliance Lubricating Deodorant Lube
  3. Hollister Adapt - Convex Flexible Skin Barrier Ring Seals (Oval)
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