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Online Contest and Gift Card Giveaway!

Express Medical Supply Online Contest Winner

Express Medical Supply Online Sweepstakes WinnerWe Have a Winner!
Express Medical Supply, an online medical supply store is having a special contest!  So for everyone who wants to win a gift card or anyone who loves online sweepstakes, make sure you sign up at Express Medical Supply!  This is an easy contest and it results in a fabulous giveaway, a free $500 gift card!  That is a lot of money to win just for clicking pictures.  I would spend it on a spa day, take my daughters and I out for a day of girl talk and some pampering!  What would you guys spend an extra 500 on?  Would you use it for something fun or would you use it for a need that you have?  Either way, it is a fun contest that is very easy to enter.  Don't worry about starting in the middle of the contest, you can still get all the entries and get all those chances to win the gift card sweepstakes!


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