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Medline - Urinary Drainage Leg Bags with Straps (Twist Valve)

Medline - Urinary Drainage Leg Bags with Straps (Twist Valve)
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Rating: 3.5/5 based on 6 reviews

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1. on 9/22/2017, said:

2-things affect my rating. 1. Same as Theodore. It slips down my leg. And for me, using a self-adhesive condom-cath. This slipping/pulling down puts very dangerous and worse, unnoticeable (you know, zero-sensation, another bonus of our "Just Paralyzed from the waist down" condition) strain on the adhesion of my condom-cath. This yanked off several until I made my simple solution. My solution was to use the M.C. Johnson, Cath-Secure device (already on my thigh to secure the overnight urinary drainage bag tube). Then when I switch off night drainage and connect to a leg bag I simply snap the leg bag strap at a comfortable and safe tightness as usual (watch it's not too tight cutting off more circulation to our already reduced circulation in our affected legs if so) and then place that strap into the Cath-Secure velcro tubing holder and close it over nice and secure. Having the strap on the back of the leg bag is perfect for simply laying in into the cath-secure. Picture just hanging a picture on a wall with a wire to hang from. You're just hanging your leg bag on the cath-secure. I'm not proud of it, but it's even held a large 32oz leg bag filled about to blow. I don't reccomend that but it worked. The 20z bags are a breeze. here's the link to the Cath-Secure device here on Express Medical in case you're not familiar. https://www.exmed.net/p-3641-m-c-johnson-cath-secure-multi-purpose-medical-tube-holder.aspx 2. The other reason for the 2 stars. On more than one occasion I've had the twist-close drainage valve at the bottom, open ever so slightly BUT enough to then leak urine the entire time until I did a pit-stop to drain. I found my socks, sneakers, shoes, whichever that day, squishing wet. And if in pants, yep, wicked some up. If it was only once I'd take the blame for an incomplete twist. But more than once, away from for hours I had to tighten down the valve and then tape it shut to prevent leaks. So lately I'm trying the slide-open/close valves. So far so good. Hope it's helpful.

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2. on 9/14/2015, said:

Being a very active person with a neurogenic bladder due to spinabifida, it is extremely difficult to find the perfect leg bag. Kudos for carrying this vital product! My only complaint the straps that come with it do not hold the bag in place-slips down my leg. I had to get Velcro straps which does the trick. Again, I am very active and walk a lot.

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3. on 6/21/2014, said:

I am a MD ... after 8 hours a leak appeared on the opaque side. After another 8 hours a 2nd leak started on the translucent side. Very disappointed.

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4. on 1/31/2014, said:

I love that you can buy this by the case, shipping was free and they work great!

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Medline - Urinary Drainage Leg Bags with Straps (Twist Valve) come with straps attached that feature an adjustable button closure. The integrated drainage port empties the bag easily by twisting the valve. It also features an anti-flux valve that stops urine from flowing up the tubing. This catheter bag has a sterile fluid pathway and is available in a 20 oz or 32 oz size. This product is latex free.

Medline - Urinary Drainage Leg Bags with Straps (Twist Valve) Features:
  • Latex free
  • Pre-attached comfort straps
  • Available in 20 oz and 32 oz sizes
  • Twist drain valve

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20 oz bag: 9 5/8" (actual bag size not including clamps)
32 oz bag: 11.8" (actual bag size not including clamps)
Strap Length: 1 1/2
Size: 20 oz, 32 oz
Each, Case of 48

Latex Free
Brand: Medline
Manufacturer: Medline

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