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Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal System (Universal)

Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal System (Universal)
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1. on 10/19/2017, said:

The UroCare McGuire urinal is an excellent aid for incontinence or for travel and any situation where restrooms are not available. It is very comfortable and is easy to fit and wear. The only complaint I have is that after only a few uses the latex sheath becomes quite "sticky" and you must be very careful when putting it in a position to dry not to allow the sheath to stick to itself. As soon as it is dry, dust it with baby powder and all will be well. Do not trim the sheath to get a "better fit" because of the danger of tearing. If you think you are so big you need to trim it, don't fool yourself! Best way to get a good fit is to put some KY on the head of your penis and just stick it into the sheath until the edge comes to rest just under the head of your penis.

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2. on 11/23/2015, said:

How many ounces will the 4410 hold?

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Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal System (Universal) is a versatile system that is ideal for use during the day to replace underpads and diapers. This system can be used for partial incontinence, dribbling and surge/overflow incontinence The universal urinal system is a comfortable alternative to the need for multiple changes or messy adhesives.

This lightweight male urinal system features a suspensory garment (stretchable fabric waist band with multiple Velcro fasteners), latex sheath, standard drain valve, straight-thru adaptor thumb clamp and leg bag adapter for connecting the sheath to drainage bags and leg bags.

Replacement Sheath sold separately, see URO4409. Replacement Garment sold separately URO4422

Note: This product is styled after the now discontinued McGuire Style Male Urinal and replacement parts can only be used on Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal System.

Urocare - McGuire-Style Male Urinal System (Universal) Features:
  • Male urinal collection system attaches to leg bag/drainage bag
  • Detachable sheath for easy cleaning
  • Stretchable fabric waist band and multiple Velcro fasteners

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Color: White
Size/ Garment & Sheath Size/ SKU# for replacement parts:
Small: (Garment:  26" - 46", 4" Sheath): SKU: URO4422, URO4409
Large: (Garment:  26" - 46", 7" Sheath): SKU: URO4422, URO4410

Please note: This product can not be returned once opened. Verify product before opening.

Brand: Urocare
Manufacturer: Urocare


Replacement parts SKU#:
Garment: URO4422
Sheath: URO4409 (4"), URO4410(7")
Drain Valve: URO6004
Thumb Clamp Adaptor: URO6005

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