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Zoll - AED Plus External Defibrillator with Full Rescue

Zoll - AED Plus External Defibrillator with Full Rescue
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Zoll - AED Plus External Defibrillator with Full Rescue is the world's first and only full-rescue AED. Ordinary AED's only defibrillate. Rapid defibrillation is a critical intervention to improve survival, but, it is not enough. While roughly half of unresponsive, collapsed victims need defibrillation, everyone of them needs cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Zoll AED plus helps guide trained CPR providers through the entire rescue effort. See CPR features below. Replacement one-piece adult electrode pad also available.

Zoll believes AED's should not just deliver a shock. They should also help the rescuer provide high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

This AED Plus features Real CPR help, a CPR feedback tool that is able to actually see what the rescuer is doing and then provide feedback during the crisis. Audio and visual prompts helps the rescuer do their job with a confidence and clarity that is unmatched by any other automated external defibrillator (AED).

Examples of how this works include:

  • Not pushing hard enough during CPR? The machine will tell when to push harder.
  • While pushing hard enough, the AED will encourage with "Good compression"
  • A metronome will lead the rate of compression to ensure accurate pushing rate
  • It will show compression depth in real time
  • Not started yet The AED Plus will indicate when to start the process etc
  • Did the compressions stop? It will tell you to continue the process.

Zoll - AED Plus External Defibrillator with Full Rescue Features:
  • Support for the complete rescue effort
  • Real CPR Help for rate and depth of compressions
  • A one-piece electrode pad for fast and accurate placement
  • Uses consumer lithium camera batteries, available at retail stores
  • Helps with all unresponsive, collapsed victims even when no shock is advised
Other Important Features:
  • Intelligent Pediatric capability
  • Zoll's Rectilinear Biphasic Waveform
  • Total AED able to follow Guidelines 2010



Includes: One-PC electrode pad and Lithium Batteries
Replacement electrode pad is also available - ZOL89000800.
Brand: Zoll
Manufacturer: Zoll


7 Year Warranty (5 Year automatically upon purchase and 2 Year Extension added once product registration is complete)

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