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Previous Winning Entry

@MiaStri13332339 This meme reflects how I was pushed by my mom to succeed and be the best I could be. She knew I could do better than a C in any class, so she pushed me every day to strive for an A. Without her I would have been less likely to succeed. #ExmedScholarship Winning Express Medical Scholarship Entry

Express Medical Supply Scholarship Program

Express Medical Supply $500 Scholarship Award


Our new scholarship contest has begun! Look below to see how to enter. We have two different scholarship programs each year. If this scholarship isn't the one for you, bookmark this page and visit us again to find new scholarship opportunities.

Entries are now OPEN. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm, CST on 6/30/2019. Winner will be announced on 7/08/2019.

Enter to win a $500 scholarship!

Your creative writing could earn a scholarship! You could win $500 to put toward your college expenses. The winner of our Express Medical Supply Scholarship contest will have their answer featured on our Facebook page, blog, Twitter, and Instagram. Use your imagination, while following the rules outlined below, and you could be our scholarship winner. The Express Medical Supply Scholarship contest is open for part time and full time college students. One entry will be selected as the winner and will be awarded the $500 scholarship. Our goal is to contribute to higher education and learning by offering the winning student financial assistance to help cover the expenses of tuition and books.

Express Medical Supply not only rewards college students with $500, but also is the trusted provider of Roho cushions, catheter bags and shower chairs, among other medical supplies.

How to Enter the Express Medical Supply Scholarship

  1. Publicly share an orginal image to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram that best illustrates the prompt
  2. In no more than 280 characters, explain how your image illustrates the prompt
  3. Send an email with the required information, see rules below
  4. Submit your entry and email by 11:59pm, CST on 6/30/2019

Entry Examples

We only have one earth, and I intend to save it. Entry example

#ExmedScholarship exmed.net/500

My education will allow me to help those who haven't been given the same opportunities that I have been so fortunate to have. Entry Example

#ExmedScholarship exmed.net/500

As an educator, I will be responsible for unlocking all of the hidden potential in my future students. Entry Example #ExmedScholarship exmed.net/500

Scholarship Submission Rules

  1. Up to 3 different entries are allowed. 1 entry on Facebook, 1 entry on Instagram, and 1 entry on Twitter. Note: Submitting the same image on multiple social media outlets will result in 1 entry total
  2. 280 character limit for all three social media platforms, #ExmedScholarship and exmed/500 count as characters
  3. Include the hashtag #ExmedScholarship in your submission
  4. Include the link to our scholarship page exmed.net/500 in your submission
  5. No foul language
  6. Your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account needs to be unprotected. We need to be able to view the entry and share it
  7. No abbreviations or creative/alternate spellings. Note: "&" is considered an abbreviation
  8. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, spacing, and proper sentence structure are all taken into consideration when choosing our winner
  9. Email the URL of the tweet to scholarships@exmed.net include SCHOLARSHIP in the subject line (include information requested below)

  10. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm, CST on 6/30/2019. Winner will be announced on 7/08/2019

NOTE: In addition to submitting your entry, all applicants must meet the following requirements:


  • Must share an image and then explain how the image fits the prompt
  • Must be enrolled at an accredited two or four year college within the United States
  • Submission must be in by designated due date
  • Up to 3 submissions per person
  • Must be a legal resident of the United States or hold a valid student visa
  • Email must include: full name, your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, user name, address, phone, school name, date of birth, and parent/guardian name (if under 18)

IMPORTANT: Please note that the scholarship will be paid to the financial aid department of your school - not directly to you

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