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Bard Dispoz A Bag with Flip Flo Valve Instructions
This guide provides comprehensive instructions on effectively using Bard Dispoz A Bag Urinary Leg Bags with Flip-Flo Valve and Fabric Straps. Tailored for individuals employing Foley or condom catheters, the guide covers essential steps, including securing the leg bag with fabric straps, proper catheter connection, and operating the Flip-Flo valve for efficient drainage. Emphasizing hygiene practices, the guide details handwashing, regular catheter connection point cleaning, and monitoring urine levels. Notably, the inclusion of a protective green cap at the catheter connection area is highlighted, safeguarding it from contaminants when the leg bag is not in use. The guide concludes by stressing the importance of following these steps to ensure both functionality and cleanliness during regular use, making it an invaluable resource for users seeking a seamless and informed experience with urinary leg bags.
Duke Medical Supply: Your Medicare Coverage for Ostomy and Catheter Supplies

Duke Medical for Medicare Coverage

Medicare Coverage for Ostomy and Catheter Supplies: A Convenient Solution

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Introducing: SpeediCath® Flex Coudé Catheter

Coloplast SpeediCath Flex Coude Catheter Discreet and Flexible Introducing: SpeediCath Flex Coudé Catheter Coloplast Speedicath intermittent catheters are known for being convenient, the easy to open packaging coupled with the ready to use hydrophillic catheter has always being a great choice for catheter users. However, until recently people who use a coude tip catheter weren't able to benefit from the convenience of Speedicath. That has all changed with the release of the SpeediCath Flex Coude catheter system. Hygienic:

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