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What is the ROHO Hybrid Elite Wheelchair Cushion?

ROHO Hybrid Elite Single Valve Wheelchair/Seat Air & Foam Cushion What are the Benefits of the ROHO Hybrid Elite? ROHO Hybrid Elite combines the soft tissue protection that you would expect from a ROHO Dry Floatation cushion and the stability you would expect from a foam cushion. ROHO air cushions combine shape fitting technology and pressure sore protection to give you critical pressure redistribution around the pelvis area. The added stability of the foam core of the Hybrid Elite gives you greater balance and firmer positioning. The ROHO Hybrid Elite is adjustable to the shape and weight of your pelvic loading area.

Toilet and Commode Cushion Guide

ROHO Toilet and Commode Seat Cushion Guide for the Treatment of Pressure Ulcers Why Use Toilet Seat Cushions? Bedsores — also called pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers — are injuries to skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin. Bedsores most often develop on skin that covers bony areas of the body, such as the heels, ankles, hips and tailbone. People most at risk of bedsores are those with a medical condition that limits their ability to change positions or those who spend most of their time in a bed or chair. Bedsores can develop quickly. Most sores heal with treatment, but some never heal completely. You can take steps to help prevent bedsores and aid healing. Mayo Clinic: Bedsores & Pressure Ulcers An important step you can take to avoid developing a pressure ulcer is to use a cushion that redistributes pressure evenly. This careful redistribution of pressure is what ROHO air cushions

What is a ROHO Air Mattress Overlay?

What is a ROHO Mattress Overlay Air Cushion? Banner What is a Mattress Overlay? A mattress overlay is a device that is put on top of a regular mattress or hospital mattress. Mattress overlays are available in many different styles and they can be foam, gel, or air cushions. They are often called mattress toppers or bed toppers. Honestly, it wouldn't be a medical device if it wasn't known by at least two or three names! Mattress overlays increase comfort for people who are recuperating from surgery or need to be in bed for long periods of time. If you are in bed and unable to move freely it is common to develop a pressure ulcer or pressure sore. Mattress overlays increase circulation and they also help to eliminate areas of pressure so the person using the mattress overlay will be more comfortable and have healthier skin.

How to Clean Your ROHO Air Cushion and Cover

How to Clean and Disinfect Your ROHO Air Cushion Banner Cleaning and disinfecting your ROHO air cushion and cover are two different and equally important steps. Check your product manual to be sure you are following your specific cushion and cover cleaning directions. Keeping your cushion and cover clean will help your skin stay healthy as well as make your cushion and cover last longer. When you use something every day it is easy to ignore what kind of shape it is in or put off cleaning it for one more day. Whether you use your ROHO in an office chair or as your primary wheelchair cushion it is important to keep it clean.

ROHO Air Cushions Buying Guide

ROHO Air Cushion Buying Guide for WheelchairsWhy choose ROHO Air Cushions? ROHO Air Cushions for wheelchairs and everyday use are meant to bring you comfort while helping prevent pressure injuries. Pressure injuries are a constant concern when you are using a wheelchair or have other mobility issues. There are four key concepts that set ROHO cushions apart from other cushions and they are: Six Degrees of Freedom - ROHO air cushions are constructed of individual cells or bubbles that move independently, allowing each cell to twist, turn, bend and adapt precisely to the curves of your body. Each cushion fits you! Low Surface Tension - The one of a kind design allows you to immerse into the cushion without deforming tissue. This is key to making skin breakdown less likely when compared to other wheelchair cushions.

EquaGel Contour Wheelchair and Seat Cushion

Medline EquaGel Contour Cushion is precision contoured for stability and coccyx (tailbone) relief.

New Arrivals From Contour Living: Keeping You Comfy From Your Head To Your Kabooti

Whether you're hitting the road for a vacation, relaxing in your favorite chair or just trying to ge

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