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Wheelchair Gloves Designed for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair Gloves, How to Find the Right Wheelchair Glove and the Right Fit How do you find wheelchair gloves designed especially for wheelchair users? This is a question we get asked a lot. Many companies sell winter gloves or climbing/biking gloves and just call them wheelchair gloves. Even a thick winter glove is not the same thing as a glove specifically designed for wheelchair users. So what does a wheelchair glove have that most other gloves don't? The most important difference is that wheelchair gloves have reinforced palms. The palms of your hands come into direct contact with the wheels of your chair so they will suffer the most wear and tear. The padding helps keep your hands safe and comfortable. The reinforced palm also helps the entire glove last longer. So, how do you find wheelchair gloves for wheelchair users? Online medical supply companies that sell gloves that are specifically labeled as "wheelchair gloves" are a great place to start. Even when it is warm outside you will need gloves that protect your palms from shear. What is shear? Shear is when your skin comes into

Using Nitrile Gloves at Home

Nitrile Gloves at Home Why Would You Use Nitrile Gloves at Home? Chemicals - Sometimes in the home you need to use caustic cleansers or use other harsh chemicals that should not come in contact with your skin. Nitrile gloves are resistant to chemicals. This resistance makes them a great choice for home use. Gardening - While gardening you can come into contact with fertilizers, insect repellents, and other substances that you don't want on your hands. Thorns and yard debris can be difficult to pick up with your bare hands but nitrile gloves are more puncture resistant than latex gloves so they help keep your hands safe.

Nitrile, Latex, or Latex-Free Medical Gloves: Which Works for Me?

Nitrile, Latex, or Latex-Free Exam Gloves: Which Works for Me? There are many varieties of medical gloves. How do you choose which type of gloves to use? What should you look for in an medical exam glove? What is a nitrile glove? Does it matter if they are powdered or powder free? How do you know if you are allergic to latex? It can be daunting to see a shelf or online medical supply store full of many varieties of the same item. They are made of different materials and they have different costs, so how do you know which one you need? Personal preference is always a factor. You want your exam gloves to fit well and to be comfortable. You also need to be able to work while you wear them. Exam gloves that fall off your hands or impede movement would not be helpful to you at all. Exam gloves come in a variety of sizes.

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