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New Medical Supplies @ Express Medical Supply!

Express Medical Supply New Medical Products 7 Brand New Products from Express Medical Supply! We are always adding new products that are designed to help our customers and friends lives a little easier. From nebulizers to wound care, we have online medical supplies that can be used if you have mobility issues, respiratory needs, or just need to improve your day to day cleansing routine. Do you know have a favorite medical supply that you don't see on our website? Contact us and request a product, because we would enjoy talking to you about the product you are using. We love hearing from our customers! Many of the products listed here were recommended to us by people who used them every day and loved them.

How to Have an Allergy Safe Halloween!

How to Have an Allergy Safe Halloween Having allergies doesn't mean you can't enjoy Halloween. There are lots of ways you can host a fun Halloween night without endangering children and adults with food allergies. The best part of Halloween is dressing up and the second best part is getting candy. For many children going door to door and participating in traditional trick or treating can be a problem because they can easily come into contact with something in which they are allergic. By hosting a Halloween event in your home, you can control the allergens that will be present and still have a great time.

Lowest Prices of the Year!

Biggest Medical Supply Sale of the Year While you are still recovering from Thanksgiving travel and all those delicious leftovers Express Medical Supply is having the best sale of the year! Now is the time to stock up on those medical supplies and maybe throw in some Christmas presents for friends and family while the prices are down!

Holiday Gift Ideas!

Medical Supply Holiday Gift Guide Every year I swear I am going to start holiday shopping early and every year I am looking at picked over shelves the night before it is time to exchange gifts. Not this year! I am shopping early so I can save money by ordering online. I love finding the perfect gift for the special people in my life. I am always torn, do I get them something they need or something they want? I love when I can find those special gifts that are both wanted and needed! Many of us, myself included, have older family members. If you are like me, you also have family and friends who have special needs. What is a better gift for them than something that will help them feel better and be healthier? If you or your loved one is homebound or in a wheelchair there are cushions by ROHO that can help them be healthier and more comfortable! Many people need skin care that you can't find in a regular store. We have skin care that the hospitals use to keep skin exposed to a variety of elements healthy and strong. Maybe they need a new pillow or something to make travel better? Here is a list of great gifts for the people in your life that need a little something extra to feel comfortable and stay healthy.

October Breast Cancer Awareness: Survival Story

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Mary Nussbaum has been working with Express Medical Supply since the company started.  She is our "Diva of Data" and helps every department make decisions.  Mary has been married to her high school sweetheart for 34 years.  Together they have 4 children and 1 grandchild.  They are happy to announce they have another grandchild on the way!  Mary is motivated by the love of her family and friends.  This is Mary's story about what motivated her during her fight with breast cancer.

Express Medical Supply: Customer Appreciation Week!

Express Medical Supply Customer Appreciation Week Express Medical Supply is celebrating their customers with FREE GIFTS! Every order placed between February 9th - 13th will receive a free gift! The free gift is for any order no matter how small and because this is such a great offer, supplies may be limited so substitutions may occur. Each day will mean a new surprise gift! Every night at midnight, the free gift will change, so each day is a chance for something new to be added to your order! The gift is for all of our customers who place orders, whether you order online or over the phone. The free gift may be shipped separately. The gifts are Citrus II Hand Sanitizer, Duromed Pill Holders, Digital Thermometers, Penlight, and Hygea Flushable Wipes; great medical supplies

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