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What is disinfectant? A disinfectant is a cleaning solution designed to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Disinfecting solutions are designed ... [read more]
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Super Sani Cloth - Germicidal Disposable Wipes

  • Kills over 28 different bacteria and virus germs
  • Works well on stainless steel, plastic, and glass
  • Germicidal wipe, kills germs in 2 minutes or less
From $10.49

CaviCide 1 - Germicidal Disinfectant

  • 1 minute kill time, 1 step germicidal disinfectant
  • Works on non-porous surfaces and medical tools
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination
  • Made in the USA
  • Fragrance free
From $37.29

Graham-Field Grafco - Tincture of Green Soap

  • Made in the USA
  • Lavender scented green soap
  • Alkaline cleansing detergent made with vegtable oil soap, alcohol, and purified water
  • Ideal for use cleaning skin and surgical instruments
From $34.85

MadaCide FD - Germicidal Solution

  • Cleans, disinfects, sanitizes, and deodorizes in minutes
  • Use in critical care areas, hospitals, and anywhere one step cleaning is needed
  • Ideal for use with medical supplies or contaminated surfaces
From $36.44

Dynarex - Tincture of Green Soap

  • Contains 30% alcohol
  • Light, pleasant fragrance
  • Ideal for use on skin and equipment
From $3.51

CaviWipes - Disinfectant Wipes

  • Kills many viruses such as flu, salmonella, and MRSA
  • Towelettes will not bunch up during use
  • Ideal for healthcare settings and at home
  • Kills MRSA, HIV-1, HBV, and HCV in 2 minutes and TB in 3 minutes
From $11.93

CaviWipes1 Surface Disinfectant Wipes

  • 1 minute contact time
  • Nonwoven, nonabrasive
  • Multi-purpose cleaning wipes
  • Bleach and fragrance free
  • Tub of 160, case of 12 tubs (1,920 wipes)
From $13.94

Clorox Urine Remover

  • Suitable for use on hard and soft surfaces
  • Works on human and pet urine
  • Bleach free
  • 32 oz. spray bottle
From $7.03

What is disinfectant?

A disinfectant is a cleaning solution designed to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Disinfecting solutions are designed to be used on solid, non-porous surfaces. They should not be applied to the skin or anywhere on the body. Disinfectants are available in liquid form as well as pre-saturated wipes. These products are commonly used in hospitals, doctor's offices, and around the house.

What is the difference between antiseptic and disinfectant?

The biggest difference between these two products is that a disinfectant is meant to be used on non-living surfaces, whereas an antiseptic is used on the body. Bleach wipes, CaviWipes, and Sani Cloths are popular types of disinfectants. Examples of topical antiseptic include PVI swabs, alcohol pads, and BZK towelettes.

Additional Information

Disinfectant cleaners feature active ingredients like bleach or isopropyl alcohol. These ingredients are designed to destroy pathogens and microbial germs, which help stop the spread of illness. These products quickly sanitize surfaces and kill influenza, HIV, MRSA, and more.

Surface disinfectants are available in wipes as well as liquid format. The wipes are pre-saturated with disinfectant and are packaged in an easy pop up dispenser. Disinfectant wipes are meant to be thrown away after one use. Liquid disinfectants are concentrated formulas, often used in commercial settings. You may need to dilute the disinfectant with water depending on what surface it is being used on. Be sure to read the product directions before use.

One disinfectant that is safe for both the body and surfaces is green soap. Low-strength disinfectants containing lower amounts of alcohol, like tincture of green soap, can be used for removing dried blood from skin without irritating or drying out the skin. Tincture of green soap is commonly used in home healthcare because of its effective yet gentle cleaning ability.

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