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Ostomy Systems: Tools to Find the Right One for You

Coloplast Ostomy maker of ostomy pouches, wafers, and ostomy accessories has always been innovative when it comes to helping people live their best life with an ostomy.  I love the story of how they started as a company.  The founder of Coloplast was a nurse and her sister was diagnosed with cancer.  At the time, ostomy appliances were not comfortable, dependable, or discreet.  Below is a great video that tells the story of Elise Sorensen and how her sister inspired her to use her skills to help make life with an ostomy easier.

Coloplast Ostomy CareI have known the history of Coloplast for awhile now, so it came as no surprise when I was on their website and found a new tool for people trying to find the best ostomy appliance for their body type. 
Every person has unique needs when it comes to their ostomy.  What works for one person may not work for someone else.  The type of body and skin you have makes a difference in which ostomy solution will help you the most.  This is a great tool and all you have to do is answer eight questions that help you determine which ostomy system you should be using.  Since it is a Coloplast tool, they obviously suggest you use Coloplast ostomy pouches.  However, this is a useful tool even if you are using Hollister, Convatec, or any ostomy system because it helps you understand if you need convex one piece ostomy bags, two piece ostomy bags, and/or what type of locking mechanism will work best for your body type.  You can take that information and use it  to help you make an educated assessment of your current ostomy pouch.
Coloplast Ostomy Guide for New Ostomates Coloplast also has another tool on their site that helps you figure out which Coloplast Brava Ostomy accessories will help you get a better result from your pouching.  This tool asks you questions about what type of skin issues or wear time issues you are having to help you learn more about what types of products are available to make your life with an ostomy healthier and easier.  Again, it suggests Coloplast Brava, however, pay attention to the type of products it suggests if you prefer to use a different ostomy manufacture.

Before you change your ostomy system, it is always a good idea to talk to your ostomy nurse because just like it says in the video about Elise Sorensen, who better than a nurse to know how to help people with day to day care?

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