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Coloplast Freedom Clear - LS Silicone External Catheter

Coloplast Freedom Clear - LS Silicone External Catheter
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1. on 3/20/2017, said:

I had tried the Coloplast with Aloe in the adhesive and they were a disaster for me. Either with, or without a skin prep, they were extremely difficult to remove. Some nights I would spend 30-50 minutes removing the condom, and then had to use different solvents to remove the gummy residue from my skin, and then my fingers. Then I tried the Coloplast Freedom Clear (WITHOUT aloe), and they've been great during the 3 months I've used them. I use a skin prep, and they come off leaving no gummy residue from the adhesive. I have been taking them off at night, and using a Depend pull up for sleeping. I wish I knew if it was OK to wear them longer.

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2. on 2/3/2015, said:

I had a prostate procedure that injured my sphincter making me largely incontinent. The Dr. recommended I use Depends Guards pads. I tried 'em for a month, but found that I experienced frequent overflows, wet pants, etc., causing great anxiety and reluctance to travel, go to meetings, even to have dinner out! Desperately searching the internet, I found these condom catheters. Printed out and cut out the measuring template, Ordered samples as well as the leg collection bag. Attached it all as directed (including hair removal, altho I don't have much hair due to radiation). WOW!! I just can't say enuf about the relief from anxiety that I've experienced. I keep it on day-n-night, substituting a floor bag at night. THE QUESTION: I cannot find anywhere in the product descriptions what is the maximum recommended wearing time. The literature says "totally breathable" for the silicone (NOT latex) product. I've had it "on" for several days and nights, experience absolutely no discomfort, no itching, and looking through the clear silicon, I see no skin discoloration. The adhesive bonding still seems just like the moment I put it on; no slippage nor blow-off at all. So, I'm wondering, WHAT IS THE 'PER USAGE' TIME LIMIT FOR A SINGLE APPLICATION for this really great product? Is 12 hours the max. recommended time; or is it 24 hours continuous use; or is it 3 days? And, a SECOND QUESTION: what is the recommended time interval between uses? That is, after I've worn it for the recommended time and take it off, HOW LONG SHOULD I GO WITHOUT IT so that I avoid any length of wear complications, such as skin irritation, infection, ect. Again, I am just ecstatic having used this product for the first time; everything is working beautifully. So much better than the pads! Please, someone, provide answers to my questions.

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3. on 3/20/2013, said:

Great for everyday use! Great for those who use Silicone External Catheters…awesome price!

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Coloplast Freedom Clear - LS Silicone External Catheter is a silicone catheter with a clear design that allows you to observe the condition of your skin without removing the catheter. This product has a longer adhesive area to ensure the catheter stays in place. It rolls on easily without the need for adhesive strips. This condom catheter provides added security, breathability, and comfort.

Coloplast Freedom Clear - LS Silicone External Catheter Features:
  • Sterile
  • Transparent silicone sheath
  • Longer adhesive area

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Each, Case of 100
Size:  23mm, 28mm, 31mm, 35mm, 40mm
Material:  Silicone
Design:  1-piece
Wear time:  Daily
Adhesive coverage:  Extended
Transparent:  Yes
Brand: Coloplast Freedom Clear
Manufacturer: Coloplast

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