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Safe n Simple Ostomy, Cleanse and Protect

Ostomy Safe and Simple
Safe n Simple Peri Stoma Wipes contain no alcohol, lotions, oils, or other surfactants so they do not leave residues behind. That makes these flushable wipes perfectly designed for ostomy and stoma care. Safe n Simple wipes help to remove dirt, adhesive, and residue from the skin around the stoma, this helps your pouch to adhere longer. Safe n Simple designed these wipes specifically for ostomates, the sting free formula means you can use these wipes on sensitive skin.

Ostomy Stoma Wipes

Safe n Simple Skin Barrier Film is a specially designed transparent barrier film that safely protects skin from adhesive and residue. Safe n Simple has made these economical barrier films alcohol free so they will not damage senstive skin. The skin barrier is available in a 2 oz bottle as well as in individually packaged wipes. By using the wipe or the spray, you are protecting your skin with a transparent layer, so even if a leak occurs, your skin does not come directly in contact with stoma output. Because it is a transparent film, you can still moniter the health of your skin and you can easily see how your skin is reacting. Safe n Simple is made for people who have an ostomy, it was designed with stoma and skin protection in mind.

Stoma Skin Wipes, Clean and Protect

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