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EquaGel Contour Wheelchair and Seat Cushion

Medline EquaGel Contour Cushion is precision contoured for stability and coccyx (tailbone) relief. The cushion allows for proper positioning of your legs and hips while optimizing surface areas, making this gel cushion the perfect addition to your office or wheelchair. The grid structure of the cushion is not only soft but it is very supportive. The EquaGel is comfortable and continually adjusts to your every move. All that adjusting and stability means that this cushion cuts down on pain and pressure associated with coccyx or tailbone discomfort. When you are sitting in one place for long periods of time, like in an office or in a wheelchair, pressure points can build up. Pressure points under bony areas of the body can cause a lot of issues. This is very uncomfortable and can cause pain that is difficult to ignore.

medline equagel cushions
EquaGel cushions actually reduce that pressure much better than traditional foam cushions. The gel in this wheelchair/chair cushion is not only comfortable but it helps to reduce heat and moisture. This is a cushion that can be used all day and still help you stay comfortable. The removable cover makes this cushion easy to keep clean, just take off and machine wash on low and tumble dry on low heat. The cushion can just be wiped down with mild soap and allowed to air dry. The Medline EquaGel Contour cushion is 2" deep so it will work with office chairs and can also be used as a supportive wheelchair cushion.

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