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What is a Texas catheter? A Texas catheter is a three piece catheter that is used to treat urinary incontinence in men. This male external cathet ... [read more]

Covidien Dover - Texas Catheter

  • Thin latex catheter
  • Comes with connector tube
  • Bulk quantity only
From $77.45

Covidien Dover - Texas Catheter with Foam Strap

  • 2" connector tube
  • Adhesive strips included
  • Latex external catheter
From $0.67

Covidien Dover - Texas Catheter Take Home Pack

  • Components for 12 catheters
  • One-sided adhesive foam strips
  • Conveniently packaged
From $9.74

Urocare Uro-Con - Texas Catheter

  • Size: 25mm, 30mm and 35mm sizes
  • Choose from a 2" or 4" tube
  • Does not contain an adhesive strip
From $1.08

Urocare Uro-Con - 4" Texas Catheter with Urofoam Strip

  • Size: 30mm and 35mm
  • Latex male external condom catheter
  • Adhesive strip and connector included
From $1.74

Urocare Uro-Con - Texas Catheter Tube Inserts

  • Easy to use
  • Connects tube with the sheath
  • 100 inserts per box
From $19.53

Urocare Uro-Con - Texas Catheter Sheaths

  • Used to make your own Texas catheters
  • Thin yet strong
  • Latex condom catheter sheaths
From $43.23

Urocare Uro-Con - 2" Texas Catheter with Urofoam Strip

  • Sizes: 25mm and 30mm
  • Connector and adhesive strip included
  • Latex Texas catheter
From $1.39

What is a Texas catheter?

A Texas catheter is a three piece catheter that is used to treat urinary incontinence in men. This male external catheter consists of a thin latex sheath, silicone tube, and a plastic catheter insert.

Additional Information

All three components of a Texas catheter are required for it to function properly. The thin sheath is designed much like a condom and rolls over the head and shaft of the penis. It helps to prevent pooled urine from damaging the skin of the shaft. The plastic insert is a small piece that allows the sheath to connect to the catheter tube. The tube itself is rigid and comes in various lengths to suit your preferences. Express Medical Supply sells pre-made Texas condom catheters as well as the separate components to make your own.

Before applying a Texas catheter, it is important to use a skin prep product. Skin prep is a liquid that forms a protective layer over the skin to shield it from urine and medical adhesive. If urine is in contact with the skin for an extended period of time, it can cause irritation and skin damage. Applying a skin prep solution will also prevent shear and excess friction when it comes time to remove medical adhesive from your skin. Skin prep products are available in the form of a spray or wipes.

A liquid medical adhesive can be used in conjunction with a Texas catheter to help secure it in place. This skin adhesive is specially formulated to use on the body. It is brushed or sprayed onto the shaft of the penis before the sheath is applied. This prevents the catheter from slipping, rolling down, or becoming completely detached. By properly securing the external catheter, you also prevent urine from pooling around the shaft and causing skin maceration.

A catheter leg bag collects the urine that flows from an external catheter. It is meant to be used during the day and can be worn on the thigh or calf. You will use extension tubing to connect the end of the catheter to the leg bag. The tubing attaches to the bag via a connector at the top. There is a drainage valve at the bottom that allows you to empty the bag. The catheter bag is held in place against the leg using straps or a sleeve-like holder.

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