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Ileostomy Absorbent Gels

Ileostomy Absorbent Gels

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Picture of Cymed ILE-SORB - Absorbent Ileostomy Gel Packets

Cymed ILE-SORB - Absorbent Ileostomy Gel Packets

  • Increases wear time
  • Evenly distributes content weight
  • Simplifies the emptying process
  • Reduces pouch noise and liquid sloshing
  • Film packets dissolve quickly to form an absorbent gel substance
  • Box of 90, box of 135 (bulk package)
From: $24.36
Picture of Nu-Hope NU-SORB - Ostomy Absorption Grains

Nu-Hope NU-SORB - Ostomy Absorption Grains

  • Reduces pouch noise and leakage
  • Promotes healthier peristomal skin
  • Effective ostomy supply for increased peace of mind
  • Makes your ostomy bag easier to empty
From: $6.69
Product Information

Ileostomy absorbent gels are small granules that are placed into a clean ostomy pouch. As you produce output, the granules dissolve and turn the liquid into a gel. This allows the output to thicken and sink to the bottom of the pouch, keeping it away from your stoma. This keeps the stomal skin healthy and reduces the risk of leaks around the ostomy wafer. Some ileostomy gels come in small packets, while others are dispensed from a bottle. The packets do not have to be emptied and can go straight into a clean ostomy bag. Absorbent gels are suitable for use with a closed or drainable ostomy pouch. Visit our blog for more information on ileostomy gel packets.

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