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Trach care supplies help you manage your tracheostomy. They help prevent clogging of the tube and reduce the risk of infection. Express Medical Supp ... [read more]
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Dale 240 Blue - Tracheostomy Tube Holder

  • Promotes hygiene and comfort
  • Safely secures tube in place
  • Stretch material allows movement
  • Latex free
From $4.24

Dynarex - Tracheostomy Care Kit

  • Used to maintain an existing tracheostomy stoma and tube
  • Provides a sterile 3 compartment cleaning tray
  • Cleaning supplies: applicators, brush, gauze, drape, twill tape, gloves, and pipe cleaners
From $4.06

Dynarex Resp-O2 Tracheostomy Sterile Drain Sponges

  • Sterile, latex free
  • Highly absorbent and economical
  • 6 ply, non-woven, non linting sponge
  • Packed in peel-down pouches for sanitary handling
  • Pre cut notches allow site around tube to be secured and protected
From $4.95

Covidien Dermacea - 4" x 4" Sterile Pre-slit Drain/Trach Sponges

  • Latex free
  • Virtually lint free
  • Pre slit drain sponges
  • Formerly know as Kendall Sorb it
From $10.82

MPM Medical - 4" Sterile Drain/Trach Sponge

  • Box of 10 or case of 10 boxes (100 Sponges)
  • Provides a waterproof top layer
  • Quickly absorbs exudate and fluid
  • Offers a secure, comfortable interface with the skin
  • Fenestrated to easily fit around most drainage and catheter tubes
From $2.04

ADI Medical - Deluxe Trach Tube Holders

  • Latex free
  • Holder width: 1"
  • Holder thickness: 3/16"
  • Velcro fasting straps
  • No taping, tying, or knotting
  • Extension piece included to accommodate larger patients
From $2.56

Hudson RCI Trach-Vent - Heat and Moisture Exchanger

  • Latex free
  • Replaces with ease during suctioning or change out
  • Works well for intubated spontaneously breathing patients
From $2.32

Hudson RCI - Adult Tracheostomy Mask

  • Tubing connector swivels 360 degrees
  • Ideal for tracheostomy and laryngectomy aerosol therapy
  • Adult tracheostomy mask connector accepts 22 mm corrugated tubing and nebulizer tees
From $1.52

Posey - Trach Tube Foam Holder/Ties

  • Safely secures trach tubes in place
  • Soft foam padding with "double track" hook and loop closure
  • Works with oxygen cannulas and oxygen lines
From $2.05

Covidien Excilon - 4" x 4" Drain Sponges (6 Ply)

  • 6 ply drain sponge for drain and tube sites
  • Absorbs exudate and fluid quickly
  • Made in the USA
From $12.45

Medline - Non Woven Drain Sponges

  • Size: 4" x 4"
  • Quickly absorbs exudate
  • Two sponges per package
  • Sterile and latex free
From $6.00

Urocare - Tracho-Foam Discs

  • Latex free
  • Box of 20
  • Provides a stong hold
  • Two-sided adhesive
  • Choose from two sizes
From $17.95

Shiley Tracheostomy Tube - Cuffless with Inner Cannula

  • Latex-free
  • Sterile and individually packaged in size 4
  • Can be cleaned an unlimited amount of times within a 29 day tube-use cycle
  • Cuffless with inner cannula
  • This trach tube is not fenestrated
From $55.64

Shiley Disposable Inner Cannula for Trach Tubes

  • Disposable inner cannula for trach tubes
  • Available in sizes 6, 8
  • 10 per box, individually packaged
  • Sterile
  • Latex-free
  • Integral 15 mm snap-lock connector
From $49.93

Trach care supplies help you manage your tracheostomy. They help prevent clogging of the tube and reduce the risk of infection. Express Medical Supply sells all of the necessary tools to help keep your tube clean and clear, allowing it to perform at its best.

Tube holders are fabric bands that wrap around the neck to keep your tracheostomy tube in place. They are typically made from a stretchy material that comfortably accomodates the cough reflex.

Drain sponges are another staple supply in tracheostomy care. These are absorbent fabric dressings that go around the trach tube to absorb fluid. They are available in different sizes, absorbency levels, and materials to best suit your needs.

We also carry tracheostomy care kits that contain all of the necessary supplies to you clean your tracheostomy site in a safe, sanitary way. These supplies include gloves, waterproof drape, gauze sponges and more all housed in a convenient 3-compartment tray.

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