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Infection Control and Prevention Supplies Infection control products are antibacterial solutions that kill germs and prevent the spread of ... [read more]
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Dynarex - Povidone-Iodine (PVI) Prep Solution

  • 10 % povidone iodine solution
  • 1% available iodine for antiseptic treatment
  • Use as surgical prep or to clean minor burns and lacerations
From $8.98

Coloplast Isagel - No-Rinse Hand Sanitizing Gel

  • Latex glove compatible
  • Provides infection control when water is not available
  • No rinse, antiseptic hand sanitizer with added moisturizers
  • Kill 99.9% of germs in just 15 seconds or less
From $1.87

ProAdvantage - Sterile Surgical Drape Towel

  • Poly-lined drape towel
  • Available in plain and fenestrated variations
  • Sterile
From $22.18

Dynarex - Povidone-Iodine Prep Pads

  • Box of 100, case of 10 boxes
  • First aid antiseptic with 10% povidone-iodine solution
  • Use as a skin prep to reduce chance of skin infection from needle puncture
  • Pads come in an easy tear foil pack
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • 2 ply, prep pad is 3.15 inches in length and 1.38 inches in width
From $6.13

Dynarex - Alcohol Prep Pads

  • Pads are saturated in 70% isopropyl alcohol antiseptic
  • Use as skin prep prior to puncture
  • Easy tear foil pack
From $2.57

Dynarex - Povidone-Iodine Swabsticks

  • Each swabstick is 4", the tip is 30 mm wide
  • Saturated with 10 % povidone-iodine
  • Individually packaged swabsticks
  • Can reduce skin bacteria and prevent infection
  • Singles are in boxes of 50, case of 10 boxes
  • Triples are 25 packs per box, case of 10 boxes
  • Easy-to-open foil pack
From $8.98

Dynarex - BZK Antiseptic Towelettes

  • Contains 0.13 % BZK
  • Alcohol free antiseptic cleaning
  • Aids in the prevention of skin infections
From $5.65

Dynarex - Earloop Surgical Face Mask

  • Latex free
  • Mask dimensions: 7” x 3 1/2”
  • Glass free filter
  • Pleated ear loop
  • General use surgical face mask
From $8.03

Dynarex - Tongue Depressors

  • Polished, smooth edges
  • Packed in sterile "peel-down" pouches
  • Sturdy tongue depressors uniform in shape and color
From $10.88

Medline Accutouch Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free synthetic gloves
  • Durable and cost effective
  • Ideal for home, hospitals, or doctor offices
From $9.26

Medline Aloetouch 3G Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free
  • Aloe vera coating for softness and flexibility
  • More flexibility and resilience than other synthetic gloves
From $8.76

Medline - Sterile Latex Glove Pairs

  • Powder free latex gloves
  • Each pair is wrapped for sterility
  • Easy to open packaging
From $1.05

GOJO Provon - Foaming Handwash with Moisturizers

  • Quick absorbing, non greasy, water based handwash
  • Contains deep conditioning moisturizers
  • Hand cleaner helps prevent drying and cracking
From $12.09

Hibiclens - Antiseptic/Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser

  • Eliminates bacteria and fungi on contact
  • Bonds safely to skin, killing germs throughout the day
  • Gentle enough for daily at-home use
  • 4% CHG solution
From $6.80

Innovative DermAssist - Sterile Latex Exam Gloves

  • Ambidextrous exam gloves
  • Conforms to the hand for long surgical procedures
  • Less than 50 micrograms of protein per gram of glove
From $0.74

Innovative NitriDerm - Ultra Blue Synthetic Nitrile Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free
  • Textured finish
  • Low modulus formulation
  • Features a beaded cuff, helps glove stay in place
From $13.18

Scott - Paper Towels

  • Easy compact storage and more sheets per roll
  • Absorbency pockets are more economical than other brands
  • Quickly cleans tough spills with ease
  • 128 regular 1-ply sheets per roll
From $2.72

Kleenex - Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue

  • Specially folded toilet paper for maximum thickness
  • 2-Ply white bathroom tissue
  • Ideal for home, work, and school
From $1.53

Kleenex - Facial Tissue

  • Kleenex the name families have trusted for over 75 years
  • 2-Ply tissues
  • Strongest Kleenex facial tissue ever, same great softness
From $2.18

Sani Hands - Hand Sanitizer Wipes

  • Kills 99.99% of germs and MRSA
  • 70% alcohol wipes
  • Contains aloe and vitamin E
  • Moisturizes skin after repeated use
From $7.55

PDI - Povidone-Iodine Swabsticks Triples

  • Non irritating
  • No sting formula
  • Works well for venipuncture, IV starts, dialysis, pre-op prep
  • Use on minor cuts, scrapes, and burns to prevent infection
From $9.06

ProAdvantage Latex Exam Gloves

  • Beaded cuff
  • Powder-free latex exam gloves
  • Lightly textured for improved grip
From $9.26

ProAdvantage Vinyl Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free with beaded cuff
  • Comfortable fit with superior grip
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and abrasives
From $6.33

Betadine Solution - Antiseptic Povidone-Iodine Surgical Scrub

  • Kills most bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, and yeasts.
  • 7.5% povidone-iodine surgical scrub
  • Contains surgical detergents
From $7.63

Betadine Solution - Povidone Iodine Swabsticks

  • Easy-to-open package
  • Flexible and disposable
  • Saturated with 10% povidone-iodine
  • Non-staining to skin and fabrics
From $31.28

Betadine Solution - Antiseptic Povidone-Iodine

  • Broad spectrum antiseptic
  • Disinfects wounds, skin, and mucous membranes
  • Betadine solution does not stain skin or natural fabrics
  • 10% povidone-iodine solution
From $8.59

ProAdvantage - Patient Exam Capes

  • Features a front/back opening
  • Three ply white pattern exam capes
  • TPT (Tissue/Poly/Tissue) blue pattern for comfort and strength
  • TPT exam capes are ideal for extended office procedures, fluids, and perspiration
From $39.61

ProAdvantage - Disposable Patient Gowns

  • Size: 30” x 42”
  • Front/back opening
  • 3-ply disposable tissue gowns
  • TPT (Tissue/Poly/Tissue) for added strength and fluid resistance
From $39.11

ProAdvantage - Exam Drape Sheets

  • Soft yet strong and durable
  • Ideal for partial or complete draping procedures
  • Comfortable
  • 2-ply white tissue
From $31.77

Medline Curad Latex Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free
  • Great fit and feel
  • Textured surface
From $21.00

Sempermed Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves

  • Contoured fit helps reduce hand fatigue
  • Strong and reliable
  • Reduces potential for skin irritation
From $10.78

GOJO Purell - Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer

  • A convenient 18oz instant hand sanitizer containing 70% alcohol
  • Purell foam hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of the germs that cause illness
  • Meets food code hand sanitizers criteria ( section 2 -301.16) FDA
  • Dye free advanced instant hand sanitizer foam
From $25.11

Innovative NitriDerm - Ultra Black Synthetic Nitrile Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free synthetic nitrile gloves
  • Conformable and comfortable
  • Tested for use with Chemotherapy drugs
From $11.69

PDI Sani-Hands - Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes

  • Made in the USA
  • Removes soil and bacteria more effectively than gels alone
  • Kills 99.99% of germs
  • Contains aloe, glycerin and vitamin E
  • Helps prevent cross contamination
From $8.26

ProAdvantage - Instant Hand Sanitizer

  • Contains 62% alcohol to reduce the spread of disease
  • Gel based formula with skin conditioners to help keep hands soft
  • Convenient 10 oz bottle with pump
From $2.54

Steris Alcare Plus - Foam Antiseptic Handrub with Emollients

  • Foaming professional antiseptic hand wash and hand cleanser
  • Kills MRSA in 5 seconds
  • Enhanced emollients keeps hands moist
  • Ideal for use in the home or office
From $14.34

Kleenex - Hand Towels Pop Up Box

  • Unique pop up box dispenses towels one at a time
  • Users touch only one towel at a time
  • Quality and reliability
From $4.22

ProAdvantage - High Intensity Diagnostic Disposable Penlights

  • Disposable penlight with high intensity pre-focused bulb
  • Ideal for several medical diagnostic uses
  • Shelf life: 1 year
From $1.69

Tech Med - Labeled Plastic Sundry Jar Set

  • Set of 5 washable sundry jars
  • Each jar has a lid and is labeled
  • Labels read: Applicators, Bandages, Cotton, Gauze, and Tongue Depressors
From $32.58

Tech Med - Plastic Sundry Jar

  • Jars sold by the each or set of 5
  • Jars have multiple uses
  • Clear plastic jars with lids
From $7.63

Tech Med - Sundry Jar Rack

  • Vinyl coated steel for durability
  • Each rack holds 5 sundry jars
  • Perfect for counter top use or mounting on the wall
  • Includes necessary mounting hardware
From $58.49

Medline - Povidone-Iodine Prep Pads

  • First aid antiseptic with 10% povidone-iodine solution
  • Use as a skin prep to reduce the chance of skin infection from needle puncture
  • Pads come in an easy tear foil pack
From $6.74

GOJO Purell - Instant Hand Sanitizer

  • 8 oz original strength/12oz aloe formula
  • Kills 99.99% of the germs in 15 seconds without water
  • Recommended by hospitals and physicians
From $2.70

Medline - Nylon Glove Liners

  • Helps prevent skin irritation
  • Ideal for nurses, caregivers, and patients
  • Nylon glove liners for use under disposable gloves
From $2.41

PDI - Povidone-Iodine Prep Pads

  • First aid antiseptic with 10% povidone-iodine solution
  • Non-irritating, no-sting formula for greater patient comfort
  • Skin prep pad helps reduce chance of skin infection from needle punctures
From $7.03

GOJO Purell - Touch-Free Dispenser for Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam

  • Easy to see fill level
  • 1200ml high capacity output for fewer changeouts
  • Includes dispenser only
From $29.57

Covidien Webcol - Alcohol Prep Pads

  • Pads are saturated in 70% isopropyl alcohol antiseptic
  • Skin prep pad for use prior to puncture
  • Made in the USA
  • 2-ply medium size pads
From $3.90

GOJO Purell - Foam Touch-Free Dispenser - Refill Bottle

  • 62% alcohol dye-free hand cleanser
  • Fits GOJ192004 Foam/Touch Free Dispenser
  • Eliminates germs quickly and efficiently
From $41.98

Sempermed SemperForce - Black Nitrile Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free
  • Hides stains caused from grease, dirt, dyes, and ink
  • Textured fingertips and beaded cuff
  • Ambidextrous
From $16.96

ADC - Standard Otoscope with Soft Case

  • 2.5v Lamp for bright illumination
  • Bayonet locking otoscope head with 3x magnifying lens
  • Autoclavable ear speculum in 2.5mm, 3.5 mm, and 4.5mm
From $68.00

Ansell Micro-Touch - Nitrafree Pink Nitrile Synthetic Exam Gloves

  • Ambidextrous
  • Textured fingertip finish
  • Inverted, 9.5" beaded cuff
  • Color: pink, support breast cancer awareness
  • FDA approved for handling chemotherapy drugs
From $16.59

Sempermed StarMed Rose - Pink Nitrile Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free
  • Ambidextrous
  • Beaded cuff
  • Contains Aloe and Vitamin E to help sooth and protect hands
From $289.56

Kimberly-Clark Halyard - Purple Nitrile Xtra Extended Cuff Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free nitrile gloves
  • Ideal for use with chemotherapy agents
  • Ambidextrous
  • 12" extended cuff
From $17.09

Covidien Curity - Alcohol Prep Pads

  • Made in the USA
  • 2 ply- medium size pads
  • Pads are saturated in 70% isopropyl alcohol antiseptic
From $3.52

Dynarex Safe-Touch Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves, Powder-Free

  • Ambidextrous
  • Commonly used by EMS and other first responders
  • Extraordinary strength and puncture resistance gloves with tactile sensitivity
From $8.28

Kimberly-Clark Halyard - Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free
  • Ambidextrous
  • KC500 series nitrile gloves
  • Proven safe with working with most chemicals including chemotherapy agents
From $23.94

Innovative NitriDerm - Sterile Singles Nitrile Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free
  • Textured finish
  • Individually wrapped
  • Low modulus formulation
  • Features a beaded cuff to help gloves stay in place
From $0.66

Innovative NitriDerm - Sterile Pairs Nitrile Exam Gloves

  • Packaged in pairs
  • Powder-free
  • Textured finish
  • Low modulus formulation
  • Features a beaded cuff to help gloves stay in place
From $0.94

Sempermed SemperCare Latex Exam Gloves

  • Strong and comfortable
  • Excellent donning properties
  • Biodegradable natural rubber latex
  • Textured surface for enhanced grip
From $18.07

Tech Med - Nitrile Finger Cots

  • Powder free
  • One time use
  • Protects finger wounds
  • Minimum of .08mm thickness
  • Ideal for burns, abrasions, cuts, and medical applications
From $12.43

AMD Ritmed - Disposable Waterproof Shoe Covers

  • Non-skid disposable shoe covers with elastic opening
  • Sewn seams for greater strength
  • Universal waterproof covers
From $21.00

Covidien - Sharps Container

  • Ideal for use at home, office, or hospital
  • Clear, locking lid allows for easy monitoring of fill level
  • Multi purpose container for medical waste and biohazard material
From $4.14

ProAdvantage - Perineal Irrigation Bottle

  • Disposable plastic cleansing bottle with both cubic centimeters and fluid ounces
  • Flow of water is regulated by four small holes in the screw cap
  • Perineal bottle is used to help heal and reduce chance of irritation or infection
From $2.00

TechMed - Liquid Dispensing Pump Bottle

  • Washable
  • Easy access to liquid
  • Lightweight liquid dispenser
  • Push down pump style bottle for easy dispensing
From $5.71

Salk SnapWrap - Patient Gown

  • Wrap around styling with short sleeves
  • Wash and wear medical exam gown
  • Perfect for home, assisted living, and extended care facilities
From $20.51

Salk Thermagown - Patient Gown

  • 100% Insulated brushed polyester exam gown
  • Wrap around styling with 3/4 length sleeves
  • Wash and wear medical exam gown
  • Patient gown designed with style and comfort
  • Perfect for home, assisted living, and extended care facilities
From $27.37

Ansell Micro-Touch - Affinity Neoprene Synthetic Exam Gloves

  • Powder-free
  • Textured fingertips for added stability
  • Soft and flexible for a comfortable fit
  • Superior strength and resistance to punctures
From $21.00

Super Sani Cloth - Germicidal Disposable Wipes

  • Kills over 28 different bacteria and virus germs
  • Works well on stainless steel, plastic, and glass
  • Germicidal wipe, kills germs in 2 minutes or less
From $10.49

CaviCide 1 - Germicidal Disinfectant

  • 1 minute kill time, 1 step germicidal disinfectant
  • Works on non-porous surfaces and medical tools
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination
  • Made in the USA
  • Fragrance free
From $37.29

Dynarex - Tincture of Green Soap

  • Contains 30% alcohol
  • Light, pleasant fragrance
  • Ideal for use on skin and equipment
From $3.51

Graham-Field Grafco - Tincture of Green Soap

  • Made in the USA
  • Lavender scented green soap
  • Alkaline cleansing detergent made with vegtable oil soap, alcohol, and purified water
  • Ideal for use cleaning skin and surgical instruments
From $34.85

MadaCide FD - Germicidal Solution

  • Cleans, disinfects, sanitizes, and deodorizes in minutes
  • Use in critical care areas, hospitals, and anywhere one step cleaning is needed
  • Ideal for use with medical supplies or contaminated surfaces
From $36.44

Medline - Sterile Latex Glove Singles

  • Individually wrapped
  • Powder free gloves
  • Packaging is easy to open
From $0.82

Clorox Urine Remover

  • Suitable for use on hard and soft surfaces
  • Works on human and pet urine
  • Bleach free
  • 32 oz. spray bottle
From $7.03

CaviWipes - Disinfectant Wipes

  • Kills many viruses such as flu, salmonella, and MRSA
  • Towelettes will not bunch up during use
  • Ideal for healthcare settings and at home
  • Kills MRSA, HIV-1, HBV, and HCV in 2 minutes and TB in 3 minutes
From $11.93

SKYMED Medical - Disposable Protective Face Mask

  • Three-layer design
  • Metal nose clip
  • Elastic ear loops
  • Protects against droplets that can contain bacteria and viruses
  • Single use face mask
From $7.99

AMMEX - Clear Vinyl Disposable Exam Gloves

  • Latex-free
  • Ambidextrous
  • Non-sterile, powder-free
  • 100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per case
  • Clear vinyl disposable gloves
  • Provides good sensitivity in the palm and fingertips
From $10.15

DermAssist Synthetic Vinyl Exam Gloves

  • Vinyl/PVC medical gloves
  • Soft, flexible material
  • Ambidextrous
  • Single-use disposable gloves
  • Latex-free, powder free
  • Average length is 9.5 in or 240 mm
  • Average palm thickness is 4.0 mil or 0.10 mm
  • Average finger thickness is 5.1 mil or 0.13
From $6.33

AMMEX - Blue Nitrile Disposable Exam Gloves

  • Latex-free
  • Ambidextrous
  • Non-sterile, powder-free
  • 100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per case
  • Blue nitrile disposable gloves
  • Tactile sensitivity, textured fingertips
From $14.90

ProAdvantage Disposable Shoe Covers

  • Blue shoe covers with sewn seams
  • Available in regular and x-large sizes
  • Non-skid soles
  • Elastic opening for a snug fit
  • Box of 100, case of 3 boxes (300)
From $12.67

Medline ReadyPrep CHG 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Cloths

  • Reduces risk of skin infection and surgical site infection
  • Pre-saturated with 500 mg of CHG
  • Large 9" x 10.5" disposable cloths
  • Fragrance free
From $3.09

CaviWipes1 Surface Disinfectant Wipes

  • 1 minute contact time
  • Nonwoven, nonabrasive
  • Multi-purpose cleaning wipes
  • Bleach and fragrance free
  • Tub of 160, case of 12 tubs (1,920 wipes)
From $13.94

Dynarex Safe-Touch Black Nitrile Exam Gloves Latex Free

  • Powder-free synthetic polymer lined ambidextrous nitrile gloves
  • Designed for tactile sensitivity and puncture resistance
  • Textured fingertips and beaded cuffs 4 mil. minimum thickness
  • Box of 100 gloves, case of 10 boxes
  • Latex-free, not made with natural rubber latex
From $9.74

STRONG - Blue Nitrile Disposable Exam Gloves

  • Light blue power-free
  • Synthetic latex-free nitrile
  • Chemically resistant, tested for use with chemo
  • Single use only, disposable medical exam gloves
  • 3.5 mil, fingertip textured
  • Ambidextrous medical exam gloves for home or office settings
From $8.76

STRONG - Black Nitrile Disposable Exam Gloves

  • Black synthetic nitrile gloves
  • Latex free, powder free, non-sterile
  • Single use only, disposable medical exam gloves
  • Chemically resistant, tested for use with chemo
  • Can be used to help stop the spread of infection
  • 3.5 mil, fingertip textured
  • Ambidextrous medical exam gloves for home, office, or medical settings
From $11.28

Infection Control and Prevention Supplies

Infection control products are antibacterial solutions that kill germs and prevent the spread of illness. These medical supplies include disinfectants, hand sanitizers, betadine solution, and antiseptics. Antiseptic products include benzalkonium wipes, alcohol pads, and povidone-iodine swabsticks. These supplies are often used for first aid, wound prep, ostomy care, and urological care. Using topical hand sanitizers is another way to prevent infection. They are available in foaming formulas, gels, and wipes. If you are going to be in a contaminated environment or have a compromised immune system, surgical masks can be used to filter the air before inhalation. All of the mentioned products aid in the control of infectious diseases and protect the body.

One must-have item to keep in a first aid kit is a box of BZK wipes. These antiseptic towelettes contain benzalkonium chloride, a topical disinfectant that is ideal for cleaning minor wounds. These medical antiseptic wipes are designed to decrease bacteria and prevent infection while also being gentle on skin. BZK towelettes can also be used for perineal and maternity care. Benzalkonium chloride solution is alcohol free, so it will not sting the skin. The individual antiseptic wipes are sterile and convenient to use. We carry wipes from brands such as Dynarex and PDI Hygea.

Betadine is a brand of povidone iodine solution that serves multiple medical purposes. The 10% solution is used to kill harmful bacteria on the skin. It can be used to clean wounds or prep the skin before an operation. This iodine topical solution will not stain fabric or your skin. We also carry betadine in swabstick form. Each package contains three betadine swabsticks. These flexible povidone-iodine saturated swabsticks are disposable and easy to use. Betadine is also available in a 7.5% solution that is used to thoroughly clean hands. The surgical-strength detergent kills bacteria, viruses, and yeast on the skin. Any of the Purdue Betadine products are essential household items.

Hand sanitizer wipes from brands such as SaniHands are ideal for at home, the office, or for on the go use. The gel formula contains 65.9% alcohol to kill germs and bacteria on contact. These antibacterial hand wipes are available in a pop-up tub or as individually-wrapped packets. Sani-Hands germicidal wipes are also free of dye and fragrance, so they're great for sensitive skin. They contain aloe, vitamin E, and glycerin to keep your hands from drying out. Please see our blog for a comparison on the different types of antiseptics.

Other products that can help stop the spread of disease include surgical face masks and N95 masks. Both protect the user from airborne microbes such as the flu, tuberculosis, and the common cold. Surgical face masks are looser fitting and provide protection against large fluid droplets. N95 masks are designed to create a tight seal to blocks smaller airborne particles and aerosols from entering the nose or mouth.

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