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Disposable bed pads are placed on top of a mattress or chair to absorb incontinence leaks and are thrown away after they become soiled. They are als ... [read more]
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Covidien Wings Plus - Disposable Bed Pads

  • Bed pads with polymer that turns fluid to gel
  • Highly absorbent pads eliminate leakage and control odor
  • Provide confidence and comfort all night long
From $6.45

Covidien Simplicity - Disposable Bed Pads

  • Delivers security and comfort
  • Light to moderate absorbency
  • Disposable absorbent pads are ideal as bed pads
From $3.48

Wings Plus - Breathable Incontinence Underpad, Heavy Absorbency

  • Heavy absorbency
  • Secure comfortable fit
  • Use on low air loss beds
  • 6 Ply compressed tissue system
  • Use to help prevent skin breakdown
  • Prevent leakage and neutralize odors
From $11.93

Covidien Simplicity Extra - Disposable Bed Pads

  • Ideal as a bed pad or furniture pad
  • Designed for moderate absorbency needs
  • Waterproof backing, fluff filler, and dryness enhanced topsheet
From $3.27

Medline - Deluxe Fluff and Polymer Disposable Bed Pads

  • Latex free
  • Ultra absorbent
  • Size: 30" x 36", 36" x 36"
  • Locks in liquid to eliminate leaks and reduce odors
From $6.74

Medline Protection Plus - Disposable Polymer Underpads

  • Breathable, absorbent polymer filling
  • Locks liquid in to prevent leaks and reduces odors
  • Latex free
From $5.77

Medline Ultrasorbs - Air Permeable Disposable Underpads

  • Latex free
  • Air permeable
  • Advanced odor control
  • Super strong and resistant to tearing
  • 3 Times the absorbency of traditional underpads
From $20.80

TENA Ultra - Disposable Bed Pads

  • Medium absorbency for adult incontinence
  • Super absorbent polymer, safe for sensitive skin
  • Disposable underpad that absorbs leaks, reduces odor, and maintains dryness
From $13.18

TENA Regular - Disposable Bed Pads

  • Light absorbency for adult incontinence
  • Non woven top sheet and fluff pad for sensitive skin
  • Incontinence products to absorb leaks, reduce odor, and maintain dryness
From $4.18

TENA Ultra Plus - Disposable Bed Pads

  • A versatile disposable underpad - ideal for a variety of adult incontinence needs
  • Bed size incontinence products that control odor, leakage, and keeps bedding dry
  • Non woven top sheet and polyethylene back sheet for sensitive skin
  • Contains super absorbent polymer for maximum absorbency
From $6.33

TENA Air Flow - Disposable Bed Pads

  • Medium absorbency
  • Maximum air circulation
  • Use on low air loss therapy beds
  • Absorb leaks, reduce odor, and maintain dryness
From $15.61

TENA Extra - Disposable Bed Pads

  • SCA TENA adult incontinence products with extra absorbency
  • Disposable underpads are ideal for protecting furniture from wetness
  • Non woven top sheet and fluff pad are gentle against skin
From $4.58

Tranquility - Peach Sheet Bed Pads

  • Latex free
  • Size: 21” x 32”
  • Capacity: 34 oz
  • Ideal for those at risk of skin breakdown
  • Keeps skin dry and controls odor and bacteria
From $10.24

Covidien Wings - Quilted Premium Underpads

  • 23" x 36" and 30" x 36" sizes
  • Honeycomb technology quickly wicks fluid away
  • Heavy absorbency level
  • Ideal for use in hospitals, homes, and anywhere heavy protection is needed
From $21.73

Medline - Premium Disposable Polymer Underpads

  • Latex free
  • Heavy absorbency
  • Absorbent polymer core
  • Polypropylene backing helps keep pad in place
From $6.25

Tranquility - Heavy Duty Underpads

  • Latex free
  • Made in the USA
  • Holds: 34 oz of liquid
  • Maximum, heavy duty peach pad
  • Keeps skin dry and controls odor and bacteria
From $12.67

Tranquility - Air Plus Underpads

  • Latex free
  • Made in the USA
  • Use on low air loss therapy beds
  • Delicate on the skin, no lumps or seams
  • Minimizes pressure points and shear/friction
  • Breathable, microporous backsheet, allows air circulation
  • Absorbent core keeps skin dry while minimizing effects of body fluids
From $14.49

Medline Ultrasorbs Premium Underpads - Air Permeable Disposable Bed Pads

  • Latex free
  • Air permeable
  • Tear resistant
  • Advanced odor control
  • 3 times the absorbency of traditional underpads
From $8.67

Cardinal Health - Extra Absorbency Disposable Bed Pads

  • Latex free
  • Air permeable
  • Extra absorbency
  • Single use underpads
From $6.79

Medline - Tuckable Fluff and Polymer Disposable Bed Pads

  • 27" x 70"
  • Tuckable sides prevent the pad from shifting
  • Waterproof backing
  • Single use underpads
From $5.28

TENA InstaDri Air - Disposable Bed Pad

  • 30" x 36" disposable incontinence underpad
  • Moisture lock helps control bacteria and odor
  • Nonwoven top sheet is durable to avoid tearing
  • Holds 10 cups of liquid without leaking
  • Breathable and medical air mattress friendly
From $14.63

Medline Ultrasorbs ES - Extra Strength Drypad Underpads

  • 31" x 36" extra strength dry pad
  • Aquashield top-sheet, fold over edges, ultra soft bed pad
  • Air-permeable cloth-like backsheet
  • Advanced super-absorbent polymer core
  • Underpad can be used to reposition patients up to 375 lbs
From $46.37

TENA Underpad Premium

  • Super absorbent polymer core
  • Moisture proof lining
  • Quilted mat for comfort and stability
  • Waterproof backing
From $13.18

Tranquility AIR-Plus Extra Strength Breathable Disposable Underpad

  • Extra strength underpad can be used to reposition the patient
  • Cloth-like top sheet
  • PowerSorb technology for superior absorbency
  • Protects against skin damage
  • Disposable underpad
  • Holds up to 34 ounces of fluid
From $20.51

Tranquility Select Disposable Underpad

  • Soft top sheet
  • Inner core quickly disperses moisture
  • Various sizes for chairs, wheelchairs, and beds
  • Moderate absorbency
  • Latex free
From $4.84

Disposable bed pads are placed on top of a mattress or chair to absorb incontinence leaks and are thrown away after they become soiled. They are also known as chux pads and make clean up very easy. These underpads are made from a soft fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin. Keeping the skin dry prevents rashes, irritation, and maceration. Express Medical Supply carries disposable underpads in a variety of absorbency levels from light to heavy. Some of the most absorbent bed pads have a plastic backing that helps stop leaks. We also offer Tranquility incontinence pads that have adhesive tabs to help hold the underpad in place on the bed.

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