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Stoma paste is used to fill in skin irregularities around the stoma. Ostomy paste isn't an adhesive, but rather a caulk. It creates a smooth surface ... [read more]

Coloplast - Ostomy Paste

  • Low alcohol content
  • Protects delicate peristomal skin
  • Works like a caulk and fills in uneven stomal skin
  • Helps to create a flat surface for ostomy wafer adhesion
From $11.81

Coloplast Brava - Paste (Sting Free)

  • Sting free ostomy paste that works like a caulk
  • Alcohol-free skin protectant that helps to prevent leaks
  • Evens skin fissures and folds for a more secure ostomy wafer connection
From $10.83

Coloplast Brava - Ostomy Strip Paste

  • Alcohol-free skin protectant
  • Flexible, moldable
  • Evens out deep skin folds and scars for better adhesion
  • Increases wear time for your ostomy bag
From $12.90

Hollister Karaya Paste - Ostomy Sealing Protective Paste

  • Ideal for use while bathing and swimming
  • Evens out skin contour under a skin barrier ostomy wafer
  • Ostomy paste helps your ostomy supplies last longer
From $15.45

Hollister Adapt - Skin Barrier Paste

  • Easy to apply ostomy paste
  • Economical and convenient
  • 2 oz size only available as an each
  • A gentle, no-sting ostomy paste that fills skin crevices for a custom fit
From $3.29

Nu-Hope Carbo Zinc - Peristomal Skin Barrier Paste

  • Protects peristomal skin from stomal discharge
  • Contains zinc oxide and vitamins A, D and E
  • Soothes and comforts irritated skin while providing protection
From $26.36

Securi-T USA - Stoma Paste

  • Works like caulk to create a seal around the stoma
  • Protective pectin-based skin barrier
  • Provides a better fit and longer wear time
  • Helps prevent leakage and skin irritation around the stoma
From $7.19

ConvaTec Stomahesive - Skin Barrier Paste

  • Optimum seal
  • Protective skin barrier paste
  • Better fit and longer wear time
  • Prevent leakage and skin irritation around the stoma
From $10.45

Convatec Eakin Cohesive - Ostomy Paste

  • No-sting
  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Works well with Eakin seals
  • Prevents leaks and protects skin
From $9.45

Trio Ostomy Silken - Stoma Gel

  • 60 gram screw cap tube
  • Alcohol-free, no sting
  • Breathable and remains soft and flexible for easy movement
  • Fills in uneven skin folds
  • Removes in one piece, no sticky residue
  • Does not dissolve or erode
  • Gel does not absorb stomal output, more hygienic
From $11.63

Stoma paste is used to fill in skin irregularities around the stoma. Ostomy paste isn't an adhesive, but rather a caulk. It creates a smooth surface for your ostomy wafer to adhere to. Uneven skin contours can cause gaps around the ostomy wafer. This results in output leaking under the wafer and onto your skin. Stomal output is caustic and can lead to irritation and skin damage. Applying stoma paste before attaching your ostomy wafer prevents these issues. See our blog for instructions on how to apply stoma paste.

Ostomy paste can be applied directly to the skin around your stoma, or onto the wafer itself. While most ostomy pastes are packaged in a squeeze tube, Coloplast Brava makes a unique type of stoma paste that comes in the form of a solid strip. The malleable material allows you to mold the strip paste around your stoma. You can break off whatever amount you need and keep the rest of the strip in the plastic package for later use. Some ostomates prefer Brava strip paste because it is less messy than traditional stoma paste.

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