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Nebulizer masks go over the nose and mouth to direct vaporized medication into the user’s airway. Tubing gets attached to the mask, which is then conn ... [read more]
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Responsive Respiratory - Pediatric Nebulizer Mask Kit with Dog Design

  • Latex free
  • Pediatric size
  • Child friendly Spike the Dog design
  • Pediatric nebulizer mask kit
  • 7 feet of nebulizer tubing, medication cup
From $3.97

Responsive Respiratory - Mask and Hand-held Nebulizer Combination Kit

  • Mask and nebulizer combination
  • Graduated volume markings on bowl for easy measuring
  • Latex free
From $3.14

Responsive Respiratory - Elongated Adult Aerosol Mask

  • Elongated mask only, no tubing
  • Allows hands free operation
  • Latex free
From $1.21

Nebulizer masks go over the nose and mouth to direct vaporized medication into the user’s airway. Tubing gets attached to the mask, which is then connected to your nebulizer compressor system. Some masks are sold individually, while others come with a nebulizer kit. The kits contain other necessary supplies such as tubing and a medicine bowl. We carry masks in adult and pediatric styles for optimal fit and performance.

Responsive Respiratory is a reliable brand of nebulizer masks. They make breathing treatments more comfortable because you simply place the mask over your face. You do not have to cup your lips around the mouthpiece for an extended period of time like you would with a handheld nebulizer. These masks have a strap that goes around the head to keep it in the proper position. All of our masks are made from durable vinyl and are ideal for people with latex allergies.

There are a few nebulizer accessories that are required when using a compressor, such as air filters, filter valves, and tubing. Air filters block dust and debris from entering the compressor, keeping it running properly. Air filters are not universal. You must purchase the filters that are compatible with your nebulizer. Filter valves confine the breathing medication to the machine so that it does not disperse into the surrounding air. Replacement compressor tubing has connectors that are specially designed for use with nebulizers. It is helpful to keep all of these supplies on hand for when it comes time to replace them.

Sterile saline can be used with nebulizers to safely dilute medication. Some inhaled medicines may be too highly concentrated for your needs, so adding sterile water reduces the strength of the medication to an appropriate level. Diluting medication should only be done under your doctor's instruction. It can also be used in a nebulizer to help clear up lung congestion by breaking up mucus. Saline solution contains sodium chloride, making it different from tap water. Saline is available in individual vials or in larger bottles.

In order for your compressor nebulizer to work at its best, it is important to clean and sterilize the machine and accessories on a regular basis. Failing to do so can cause build up, which clogs the machine and causes it to deliver an inacurate dose of medication. Bacteria can also form within the components, putting you at risk for a respiratory infection. Our blog provides detailed instructions on how to clean a nebulizer. Keep in mind, even with consistent cleaning, your nebulizer accessories will wear out over time and need to be replaced.

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