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Ostomy Odor Control

Ostomy Odor Control

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Picture of Coloplast Brava - Liquid Lubricating Deodorant

Coloplast Brava - Liquid Lubricating Deodorant

  • Lubricating deodorant for ostomy bags
  • Prevents pouch from sticking together, avoids pancaking
  • Creates a slick surface inside the ostomy bag to make emptying and cleaning easier
From: $13.45
Picture of ConvaTec ESENTA Lubricating Deodorant

ConvaTec ESENTA Lubricating Deodorant

  • Lubricating spray coats the inside of the ostomy bag to prevent stool build up around the stoma and ostomy wafer that can compromise the seal
  • Easy to use pump spray can be operated one handed
  • Can be used with both drainable and closed-end ostomy bags
  • Made with natural eucalyptus, lavender, pine oils, and other natural ingredients
  • 3 sprays per application, up to 68 applications per bottle
  • 8 ounce bottle
  • Sold by the each and/or a case of 25 bottles
  • Can be used for colostomy or ileostomy
  • Extended wear formula
From: $21.45
Picture of Hollister Adapt - Lubricating Deodorant

Hollister Adapt - Lubricating Deodorant

  • Not a perfume or masking agent
  • Ostomy bag lubricant and odor neutralizer
  • Ostomy supplies that offer confidence and security
  • Adapt prevents sticking and static inside the pouch
  • 8 oz bottle available by the each, the .27 oz packet is available by the box of 50
From: $18.45
Picture of Hollister m9 - Odor Eliminator Drops

Hollister m9 - Odor Eliminator Drops

  • Ideal for colostomy and ileostomy pouches
  • Available in unscented
  • Economical and environmentally safe odor eliminating drops
  • Use 10 to 12 drops in the ostomy bag to help eliminate odor when bag is emptied
  • 1 oz: each, box of 12, 8oz: each, box of 6
From: $4.85
Picture of OstoFresh - Lubricating Deodorant

OstoFresh - Lubricating Deodorant

  • Ostomy odor eliminator drops
  • Eases pouch emptying
  • Clear, fragrance free liquid
  • 8 ounce flip top bottle
From: $16.40
Picture of OstoFresh - Odor Eliminator/Liquid Deodorant

OstoFresh - Odor Eliminator/Liquid Deodorant

  • Highly effective odor eliminator
  • Specially formulated for use in ostomy pouches
  • Clear and odorless with no lingering perfumes
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Made in the USA
From: $19.57
Picture of Parthenon Devrom - Chewable Tablet Odor Eliminator

Parthenon Devrom - Chewable Tablet Odor Eliminator

  • Chewable tablets that effectively treat embarrassing odors
  • Contains bismuth subgallate to neutralize odors
  • FDA approved and available without a prescription
  • 100 count bottle
From: $16.94
Picture of Securi-T USA - Ostomy Deodorant

Securi-T USA - Ostomy Deodorant

  • Made in the USA
  • Odor neutralizer
  • Destroys odor causing bacteria on contact
From: $9.80
Product Information

Ostomy odor eliminators are designed to prevent and neutralize odors within an ostomy pouch. Most ostomy odor control products are in the form of liquids that are dispensed into the pouch. Some ostomy odor eliminators also double as pouch lubricants. This creates a slick surface within the pouch to prevent the sides of the bag from sticking to one another. If your bag sticks to itself, it can cause output to stay at the top of your pouch near your stoma, which can cause irritation. Lubricating deodorants help output to fall to the bottom of the pouch. This is not only good for your stomal health, but it also makes it easier to empty your ostomy bag. Express Medical Supply also carries chewable tablets that eliminate odors internally.

Another way to reduce ostomy odors is by using a room deodorizer. Room odor eliminators are available as liquid sprays and a solid air freshener. These products are designed to neutralize biological odors that can come from urine, feces, necrotic tissue, and more. Some room odor eliminators are lightly scented, while others do not contain any fragrance.

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