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What is a foley catheter? A foley catheter is a long flexible tube that is inserted through the urethra into the bladder so urine can drain easily. ... [read more]

Bard Bardex Lubricath - Latex Foley Catheter

  • Lubricious coating
  • Low friction for comfortable insertion
  • Minimizes irritation and encrustation
  • Single use
From $11.95

Bard Bardex - Infection Control Latex Foley Catheter

  • Lubricious coating
  • Low friction comfort
  • 5cc balloon
From $237.95

Bard Bardia - Silicone Coated Foley Catheter

  • Sterile
  • Single use
  • Foley catheter with 5cc balloon
  • Silicone coated latex catheter
From $3.39

Bard Bardex - All Silicone Foley Catheter

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • 100% silicone with a 5cc balloon
From $13.95

Bard Silastic - Latex Foley Catheter

  • Reduces calcification buildup
  • Drains quickly
  • Sterile
From $15.95

Bard Bardia - All Silicone Foley Catheter

  • Latex free
  • 5cc balloon
  • Clear catheter provides the ability to check for clots
From $5.45

Covidien Dover - 5cc Silicone Coated Foley Catheter

  • Sterile
  • 5cc balloon catheter
  • Silicone coated latex
From $4.93

Covidien Dover - 100% Silicone Foley Catheter

  • Straight packed
  • 100% silicone indwelling catheter
  • 5cc balloon
From $10.95

Bard Bardia Elastomer - Silicone Coated Latex Foley Catheter

  • 5cc balloon
  • Slick coating
  • Single use
  • Sterile
  • Product being discontinued, sizes limited
From $9.13

Rusch Gold - Silicone Coated Latex Foley Catheter

  • 5cc balloon
  • Soft and flexible indwelling catheter
  • Sterile
From $4.72

Rusch PureGold - 16" PTFE Coated Coude Latex Foley Catheter

  • Sterile
  • Tiemann coude tip
  • PTFE coating
From $103.01

Medline - SelectSilicone 100 Percent Silicone 2-Way Foley Catheter

  • 100% silicone, latex free
  • 2-way foley catheter
  • Completely inert for less tissue irritation
  • Radiopaque strip provides easy visualization during scans
  • Clear catheter, clots, mucous, and urine flow easily visible
From $9.64

Medline Silicone-Elastomer Coated Latex 10 ml Foley Catheter

  • Foley catheter, silicone-elastomer coated latex, 10 mL, Straight Tip, 2-Way
  • Two opposing oval drainage eyes
  • Contains natural rubber latex
  • Catheter feel is soft, flexible and conformable
  • Balloon size is 10 ml
  • Available in sizes 14 Fr to 24 Fr
  • Box of 12
From $21.89

What is a foley catheter?

A foley catheter is a long flexible tube that is inserted through the urethra into the bladder so urine can drain easily. The Foley catheter has a balloon on the end that is filled with sterile water after it is inserted. The balloon helps keep the catheter in the proper position. Since foley catheters are inserted internally, it is critical to use only sterile catheter insertion equipment and to thoroughly wash your hands.

How often should a foley catheter be changed?

Foley catheters are designed to stay in the body longer than other types of catheters. Foleys are typically changed around 30 days after insertion, however this time frame can vary from person to person. The catheter should be monitored regularly and changed any time there are signs of infection, leakage, or blockage. Leaving the foley catheter in too long can lead to urinary tract infections and other complications. Your doctor and nurse will advise you on the best practices.

What is the difference between a foley catheter and an indwelling catheter?

An indwelling catheter is just another name for a foley catheter. These two terms refer to the same medical device. A foley catheter is called an indwelling catheter because it stays in the body for a longer period of time as opposed to an intermittent catheter.

Additional Information

Foley catheters can be made out of latex, silicone, or silicone-coated latex. The different materials make the catheter feel stiffer or more flexible. Latex is the most flexible, while silicone is more firm. Silicone-coated latex is moderate in terms of stiffness. The catheter material you choose is a matter of personal preference. However, if you are allergic to latex, you will need to make sure you use a 100% silicone foley catheter to avoid any negative reaction. We also carry foley catheters that are coated with antibacterial silver. This helps prevent infection and is a good option for people who are prone to UTIs.

A urinary drainage bag is used along with a foley catheter to collect urine. There are two different types of drainage bags that are used with a foley catheter. One is a catheter leg bag and another is an overnight urine bag. A leg bag is meant for daytime use when you are up and moving. You have the option of wearing the catheter bag on your thigh or calf. If you choose to wear the catheter bag on your calf, extension tubing will need to be used so that the catheter and bag connect to one another. A leg bag should not be used while laying down because fluid will not drain properly. An overnight urine collection bag is a large capacity bag that is meant to be used while sleeping. Because it holds more fluid, it prevents you from having to get up throughout the night to empty the bag. An overnight urine bag can be hung on a stand or bed post, as long as it is below the level of the bladder. An alternative to a urine bag is a night drainage bottle. This is a reusable plastic bottle that serves the same purpose as a urine bag. The construction of a night drainage bottle is a bit more sturdy than a urine bag. The bottle has a wide base that prevents it from tipping over while sleeping.

Another popular item used with foleys is a foley catheter holder. This product helps hold the catheter in the proper position and allows you to move freely without pulling or tugging on the urethra. Foley catheter holders are available in multiple styles, including a band or an adhesive patch. A catheter leg band is an adjustable fabric strap that is worn around the thigh. There is a small tab on the band that secures the catheter tubing. A leg band is ideal for people with adhesive allergies or delicate skin. Another option is an adhesive patch. These have an adjustable loop that the goes around the catheter tubing to hold in it place. A Bard Statlock is a specific type of adhesive patch that has a swiveling clamp on top. The catheter tubing is placed underneath the clamp, which allows the tube to shift and rotate as needed. A Statlock stabilization device can be worn for up to a week. When it is time to remove it, applying an adhesive remover will help lift the pad up without having to pull on the skin. A Statlock device is also suitable to use with an IV, PICC line, and more.

It is recommended to use lubricating jelly before inserting your foley catheter. This slick gel makes catheter insertion and removal easier. It eliminates resistance and friction, which reduces the amount of pressure you have to apply to insert the catheter. Applying gentle pressure lowers the risk of causing tissue damage and urethral trauma. Catheter lubricant is sterile, water soluble, and is available in a tube or individually wrapped packets.

A foley catheter kit is a convenient and affordable way to purchase the catheter supplies you need in one package. These sterile catheter kits contain supplies that increase sanitation during the cathing process. They include medical products like gloves, catheter lubricant, and irrigation syringes. The syringes come pre-filled with sterile water and are used to flush out a foley catheter if need be. All of these items are meant to be used once and then discarded. We sell various brands and types of trays, so you're sure to find one that suits your needs.

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