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Suction machine parts and accessories include all equipment required to keep your machine in proper working order. Since suction machines use negati ... [read more]

Allied - Hydrophobic/Bacteria Filters for Schuco-Vac S130 Suction Machine/Aspirator

  • Latex free
  • Hydrophobic/bacteria filter
  • Prevents damage to the pump
  • One threaded connection, one tapered barb
  • Filters should be changed every 30 days unless it is contaminated and then it should be changed immediately
  • Fits the Schuco S130 unit only
From $24.68

Allied - Disposable Hydrophobic/Bacteria Filters for Suction Machine/Aspirators

  • Prevents fluids from damaging suction machines/aspirators
  • Filter connections are tapered and barbed
  • Compatible with the Gomco OptiVac G180, Schuco-Vac 330, and the EVO 605 units
  • Latex free
From $27.77

Allied - Gomco OptiVac G180 Suction Machine/Aspirator Disposable Collection Canister

  • 1500mL Capacity
  • Only compatible with the Gomco OptiVac G180 Suction machine/unit
  • Snap on lid
  • Portable suction machine
  • Latex free
From $8.72

Allied - Schuco-Vac S330 Suction Machine/Aspirator Replacement Canister

  • Easy to read calibration markings
  • 800cc plastic replacement canister for the Schuco-Vac S330 model
  • Ideal for use in respiratory treatment/therapy
From $7.16

Allied - Suction Machine/Aspirator Tubing Kit

  • Latex free
  • Inner diameter: 1/4"
  • Includes: 72" and 13" tube
  • Replacement tubing for ALLG180 and ALLS330
From $6.66

DeVilbiss Homecare - Suction Machine Replacement Bacteria Filter

  • Sold individually or in package of 12
  • Filters bacteria and moisture away from the suction machine
  • Works on The Devilbiss homecare suction machine unit (DEV7305D608)
From $5.95

DeVilbiss Homecare - Canister Collection Kit

  • Each kit sold individually
  • Meets american association for respiratory care (AARC) guidelines
  • Includes filter cartridges, 800cc bottle, 4 3/8" tubing, and 6' tubing with cuffs
From $40.95

Medline Vac-Assist - Hydrophobic/Bacteria Suction Filter

  • Hydrophobic/bacteria filter
  • Prevents damage to the pump
  • Replacement part for MEDHCS7000
From $26.99

Medline Vac-Assist - Suction Machine/Aspirator Replacement Canister

  • Latex free
  • 850 cc Suction canister set with float style lid
  • Use with MEDHCS7000-Medline Vac-Assist Suction machine/aspirator
From $6.58

Allied - Carrying Case for Gomco Suction Machine/Aspirator

  • Clear viewing window
  • Top handle and shoulder strap
  • Allows you to take your suction machine on the go
From $207.62

Suction machine parts and accessories include all equipment required to keep your machine in proper working order. Since suction machines use negative pressure to clear the airway and remove excess secretions, replacing worn bacteria filters can improve airflow and machine performance. Tubing and collection bottles used in suction machines should also be replaced occasionally to ensure tubing connections are tightly sealed and free of any blockages. We have a selection of bacteria filters, collection bottles and replacement tubing for use with suction machines from Devilbiss, Gomco, Shuco-Vac and Medline.

Suction catheters are devices used with aspirator suction machines to remove secretions and saliva in the airway. Some open suction catheters come with a valve on the side, which allows you to control airflow and suctioning. The Yankauer suction wand is a tonsil tip suction device used primarily for removing oral secretions from the mouth. It comes with an optional airflow valve and has an angled design that can easily reach all corners of the mouth.

Drain sponges absorb exudate and fluid from exposed wounds while securing tracheostomy or other indwelling tubing. Using a drain sponge can also reduce skin irritation from tubing or trach collars. Pre-cut and non-woven sponges fit snugly around drain tubes and limit the chance of lint or fibers entering the tube site, which can cause an infection. Fenestrated drain sponges lie flat more easily around tubing without bunching up or allowing fluid to pool around the tubing.

Devilbiss makes portable and homecare suction machines that are used for respiratory suctioning. Devilbiss also has convenient replacement supplies kits if you need to replace several parts of your suction machine. These kits are often cheaper than buying supplies individually and each kit contains a filter cartridge, 800cc collection bottle and two pieces of tubing.

Allied Healthcare Products include portable and homecare suction machines as well as replacement tubing for Gomco and Schuco-Vac aspirators. Portable suction machines can use A/C or battery power and are ideal for mobile patients in hospitals or by EMS. Although Allied only makes model-specific bacteria filters, they do make universal replacement tubing that can be used with both Schuco-Vac and Gomco suction units.

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