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We found the best products to increase comfort and independence for those who use wheelchairs and mobility scooters, including the

HealthSmart - Wheelchair Tray

  • Ideal for eating, writing, and reading
  • Raised T-molding edges to contain spills and to keep items on the tray
  • Fits most standard wheelchairs
From $40.45

HealthSmart - Universal Beverage Holder with Wheelchair Attachment

  • Ideal for 10 oz-32 oz beverage containers
  • Mounting options: vertically, horizontally, flat, or swing mount
  • Removable styrene insert for cold beverages
  • Quick and effortless assembly
From $30.45

EZ-Access EZ-Accessories - Carry-On Universal Wheelchair/Scooter Tote

  • Zipper closure keeps items secure
  • Easy pull cord for convenient access
  • Universal wheelchair/scooter tote
From $14.45

EZ-Access EZ-Accessories - Carry-On Scooter Pack

  • Solid large capacity backpack pocket with easy pull zipper closure
  • Medium outside storage pocket
  • Easily slips over the seat of your scooter
  • Black on black trim
From $33.45

EZ-Access EZ-Accessories - Wheelchair/Scooter Cover

  • Waterproof protection for your wheelchair or scooter
  • Made of mildew resistant nylon with reinforced elasticized seams for easy fit
  • 50" x 22" x 33" size fits most wheelchairs and scooters
  • Storage pouch included
From $57.45

EZ-Access EZ-Accessories - Carry-On Wheelchair Under-Chair Tote

  • Black with black trim
  • Security flap keeps items safe from sliding out
  • Easily attaches to the underside of your wheelchair or scooter
From $24.95

EZ-Access EZ-Accessories - Carry-On Wheelchair Pack

  • Fastens easily to your wheelchair's push arms or around the seat
  • Weather resistant
  • Zipper enclosure with easy pull cord for security and convenience
  • Perfect for keeping everything you need when you're on the go
From $31.95

Medline Excel Freedom - Carrying Case for Transport Chair

  • Shoulder strap included
  • Protects your Excel chair for storage or travel
  • Designed for Medline Excel Freedom folding wheelchair
From $44.10

Therafin Sip-N-Puff - 5 1/2" Air Tube Straws

  • Disposable
  • Molded mouth tip and bendable design
  • For use with sip-n-puff systems
  • Fits standard ¼" compression fittings
From $12.13

HealthSmart - Wheelchair Safety Belt Strap

  • Safety belt strap with push/pull button seat belt buckle for easy use
  • Ideal for those who have trouble staying positioned in the wheelchair
  • Fits most standard wheelchairs, transport chairs, and household chairs
From $30.45

Therafin - Clear Vinyl Tubing

  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 1/4 OD X 1/8 ID x 5 yards
  • Use with saliva traps, sip-n-puff straws, and more
From $38.01

Therafin - Saliva Traps

  • Package of 5
  • Made in the USA
  • Biomedical disposable filter
  • Works with Therafin sip-n-puff systems
From $82.67

Therafin TheraFit - Wheelchair Positioning Vest

  • All hardware included
  • Hand wash and air dry
  • Reinforced comfort fit straps or extended straps
  • Anterior trunk support with secure hinged buckle system
From $88.25

Therafin - Replacement Sliders

  • Made of extremely strong fiber glass reinforced material
  • Gives maximum support for extra weight and extreme pressure when using a half tray
  • Sliders fit into the adjustable height channel bracket for additional strength and pressure
From $12.13

Therafin - Communication Device Mount

  • Frame Mount: attaches to a vertical frame member
  • Armrest Mount: attaches between the arm pad and the armrest tube
From $209.04

Therafin - Communication Device Holder

Therafin - Communication Device Holder Choices:
  • iPad Mount: spring loaded cradle, fits the ad 1,2,3, and 4
  • iPad Mini Mount: spring loaded cradle, fits the IPad Mini and other small tablets
  • 7" Tablet Mount: spring loaded with 4 rubber tips, fits most 7" tablets
  • 10" Tablet Mount: spring loaded with 6 rubber tips, fits most 10" tablets
  • Smart Phone Mount: compact s pring loaded with 4 rubber tips, fits most cell/smart phones
  • Large Smart Phone Mount: spring loaded with 4 rubber tips, fits large phones/phablets
From $79.63

Therafin - Joystick Goal Post Extensions

  • Ultra light design
  • Low profile and regular designs
  • No additional tools needed - Installs quickly and easily
From $62.37

Therafin - Quick Release Vest/Harness Buckle

  • Replacement part for Therafin vests/harness
  • Easily weaves into existing material
  • Butterfly style buckle
From $4.72

Therafin - Toe Straps

  • Economical alternative to shoe holders
  • Hook and loop strap connects to footplate
  • 1" wide strap fits around the end of the shoe or foot
From $29.38

Therafin Therafit - Stretch Chest Strap (Buckle-Adjustable Strap-1-piece Sewn Strap)

  • All hardware included
  • Padded area dimensions: SM (3" x 16"), MED (4" x 20"), LG (4" x 24")
  • Length: SM (45"), MED (53"), and LG (62")
  • 1-piece sewn straps with covered plastic side release buckle (stretchable)
From $73.54

Therafin Therafit - Stretch Chest Strap (2-Piece with 2 Sewn Straps)

  • Padded dimensions: SM (3"x16"), MED (4"x20"), LG (4"x24")
  • Length: SM (44"), MED (52"), LG (60")
  • 2-piece with two sewn straps (stretchable) with hook and loop center release and webbing pull loop
From $73.54

Therafin - Male Positioning Zipper Vest

  • All hardware included
  • Zips up from the bottom or down from the top
  • Uses pull finger loops to adjust the top and bottom straps
  • Features hinged buckles help shoulder straps stay secure at various angles
From $87.75

Therafin - Pressure Vest

  • Neoprene vest with finished edges and velcro closure points
  • Applies constant pressure to aid in sensory stability
  • Height: 16", Chest size: 29"-32"
From $100.94

Therafin Therafit - Stretch Chest Strap (2 Buckles with Adjustable Straps)

  • Padded dimensions: SM (3" x 16"), MED (4" x 20"), LG (4" x 24")
  • Length: SM (46"), MED (54"), LG (64")
  • 2 buckles with adjustable straps
From $57.80

Therafin - Frame Hardware Kit for Drop Kits

  • Sold by the kit
  • Fits 7/8" and 1" tubes
  • Includes 2 universal rail locks and 2 seat swing tabs
From $53.24

We found the best products to increase comfort and independence for those who use wheelchairs and mobility scooters, including the ROHO cushion. We offer tools for organization, specially designed backpacks, trays for food or work, batteries, and many others. At Express Medical Supply, our goal is to help people increase their independence.

At our medical supply store you can get the products you need, like Hatch wheelchair gloves and lightweight wheelchairs. Hatch wheelchair gloves have padded palms, mesh and provide the optimal hand protection without hindering your movement or flexibility. Hatch wheelchair gloves are made from quality leather and Velcro closures. We also carry wheelchair ramps, which can range from doorway threshold ramps to ramps that help you access vehicles. The EZ-Access wheelchair ramp is designed for maximum mobility and convenience. The wheelchair ramp has enhanced tread for non-slip traction that provides increased mobility and convenience.

Our selection of wheelchair batteries from MK Battery is perfect for your wheelchair of scooter. Your wheelchair battery also needs a charger, which MK manufactures, along with a wheelchair battery case.

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