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Catheter supplies are items used in conjunction with a catheter to manage urinary function. Some of these products include drain bags, catheter hold ... [read more]

Bard Bardic - 8" Sterile Plastic Tubing and Adapter

  • Latex free
  • Reusable catheter tubing
  • Adaptor included
From $3.43

Bard Dispoz-a-Bag - Leg Bag with Capped Port

  • Foley catheter bag
  • Urinary drainage for condom catheters
  • Sterile
  • Reusable
  • One pair of latex button straps
  • Standard drain port and anti-reflux valve
From $3.66

Bard - Deluxe Fabric Leg Bag Straps

  • Latex free
  • Washable
  • Adjusts between 8" to 24"
  • Dimensions: 24" L x 3/4" W
From $4.06

Bard - 4000ml Urine Bag

  • Sample port with anti-reflux chamber
  • Sheeting clip to secure drain tube
  • Metal shut-off clamp
  • 50" tubing and double hook hanger with string
  • Latex free
From $16.45

Bard - Wide Leg Bag Straps

  • Velcro closure
  • Washable and reusable
  • 2" wide
From $7.45

Bard Bardia - Foley Insertion Tray with PVI Swabs

  • Pre-filled syringe
  • 2 gloves
  • Waterproof underpad
  • 5g lubricant
From $3.40

Bard Bardia - 2000ml Urine Bag

  • 50" draining tubing
  • Plastic thumb control clamp
  • Anti-reflux chamber
  • Hinged hook for hanging
  • Latex free
From $6.45

Bard Bardia - Foley Insertion Tray with BZK Swabs

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Foley catheter sold separately, not included
  • Includes pre-filled syringe, gloves, BZK swab sticks, and more
From $3.50

Bard - Lightweight Cunningham Clamps

  • Reusable and non-sterile
  • Adjusts to fit comfortably
  • Size: medium 2", large 3"
  • 5 separate settings to control male incontinence
From $82.45

Bard - 18" Latex Free Extension Tubing

  • Clear vinyl tubing with graduated connector
  • Connects catheter to leg bag or urinary drainage bag
  • Sterile and non sterile packages available
From $2.79

Conveen Security+ Contour Leg Bag with Straps and Tubing

  • Latex free
  • Sterile and non-sterile packaging
  • Clamp outlet makes it easy to verify proper closure
  • Multiple chambers provide extra security
  • Soft non-woven fabric backing
From $7.69

ConvaTec - Night Drainage Container Set

  • 2000ml night drainage container
  • Tubing is approximately 58" in length
  • Tubing is compatible with Convatec's urostomy pouches
  • Collects urine over a longer period of time
From $36.45

ConvaTec - Tubing for Night Drainage Container

  • Length: 58"
  • Connects to universal adapter
  • Accessory for ConvaTec night drainage container set
From $9.95

Dale Hold-n-Place - Foley Catheter Leg Band

  • Latex free
  • Secures foley catheter tube
  • Fully adjustable velcro closure
  • Stretch cotton leg band fits up to 30"
From $6.13

Surgilube - Lubricating Jelly

  • Bacteriostatic
  • Water soluble lubricating jelly
  • Perfect for use with rubber or plastic items
  • Formulated for surgical and gynecological lubrication
From $3.72

Hollister - Fabric Leg Bag Straps

  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable fit
  • Belt tabs hold the urine bag securely in place
  • Non-slip ribbed woven straps
  • Latex free
From $4.95

Hollister - 18" Urinary Drainage Bag Extension Tubing

  • Latex free
  • Includes connector
  • Sterile and non-sterile versions
  • Oval shaped tubing
From $3.92

Hollister - Vented Leg Bag with Straps and Tube with Lever Style Valve

  • Latex free
  • Pleated leg bag
  • Includes extension tubing and leg bag straps
From $15.45

Hollister - Catheter Leg Bag with Lever Style Valve

  • Urine bag features a lever style drain, anti-reflux valve, and pleated sides
  • Leg strap connectors and drain valve face away from the leg for comfort
  • Latex free

From $6.45

Hygenic - Bulk Latex Rubber Tubing

  • Seamless tubing
  • Inner Diameter: 5/16" or 1/4"
  • Outer diameter: 7/16" or 3/8"
  • Perfect for medical, laboratory, and industrial uses
From $32.41

Covidien Dover - 2000ml Urine Bag

  • Latex free
  • Hook hanger and string loop
  • Needle sampling port and drain tube
From $4.12

Covidien Dover - 2000ml Urine Bag with Anti-Reflux Chamber

  • Latex free
  • Safe and easy sample port
  • Hook hanger
From $4.47

Covidien Dover - 2000ml Urine Bag with Anti-Reflux Valve and SplashGuard

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Needle sampling, anti-reflux chamber, and drain port
  • Double hook hanger and 48" tubing
From $7.45

Covidien Curity - 2000ml Urine Bag

  • Latex free
  • Double hook universal hanger
  • Safe sample port
  • Mono-Flo anti-reflux device
From $6.45

Medline - Urinary Drainage Leg Bags with Straps (Twist Valve)

  • Latex-free
  • Pre-attached comfort straps
  • Available in 20 oz and 32 oz sizes
  • Twist drain valve
From $2.18

Medline - 18" Clear Drainage Bag Extension Tubing And Connector

  • Latex free
  • Sterile fluid pathway
  • Connector included
From $1.41

Medline - 2000ml Urine Bag

  • Latex free
  • 48" drain tube
  • Anti-reflux tower
  • Double hook hanger and bed sheet clamp
From $3.78

Coloplast Self-Cath - 24" Extension Tube for Intermittent Catheters

  • 24" extension tubing with connector
  • Connects easily to provide additional length
  • Includes connector
From $3.11

Posey Incontinence Sheath Holder

  • One size fits most
  • Velcro closure
  • Washable male external catheter holder
From $2.25

Rusch - 2000ml Vented Urinary Drainage Bag

  • Sterile fluid pathway
  • Anti-reflux valve
  • Hook hanger
From $2.39

Rusch Belly Bag - 1000ml Urinary Drainage Bag

  • Anti-reflux valve
  • Twist valve drainage port
  • Can be worn day or night
  • Use with foley or suprapubic catheters
From $21.59

Covidien Dover - 4000ml Urine Bag

  • 4000ml urine bag
  • Hook hanger
  • Easy and quick draining
From $11.45

Covidien Dover - 1-sided Adhesive Foam Strip

  • Measures 1" x 6"
  • Single-sided foam adhesive strip
  • Holds male external catheter in place
From $0.35

Covidien Dover - 18" Clear Urinary Extension Tubing And Connector

  • Inner diameter: 0.335"
  • Includes a graduated connector
  • For all external devices and leg bags
From $2.78

Urocare - 2000cc Night Drainage Bottle

  • Reusable and easy to clean
  • 60" of vinyl tubing
  • Includes Urocare's "Little Red Anti-Reflux Valve"
  • Large bottom surface area
From $48.38

Urocare - Night Drain Bottle Replacement Cap

  • Replacement part for Urocare Urinary drainage bottle (URO4100)
  • Includes built-in valve housing
  • "Little red valve" sold separately
From $7.16

Urocare Urofoam - Adhesive Foam Strips

  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Moisture and urine-resistant
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Available with adhesive on one side or both sides of the strip
From $24.17

Urocare - "Little Red Anti-Reflux Valve" for Reusable Leg Bags

  • Latex free
  • Prevents urine reflux and leaks
  • Use with urinary drainage bags, leg bags, or drain bottles
From $4.53

Urocare - Standard Top Adaptor for Reusable Leg Bags

  • Reverse grip for secure connection
  • Works with multiple tubing diameters
  • Used with Urocare reusable leg bags
From $5.63

Urocare - Night Drain Bottle Top Adaptor

  • Latex free
  • Secure connection for Urocare clear vinyl tubing
  • Replacement adaptor for Urocare drainage bottle
From $5.10

Urocare - Standard Bottom Drain Valve for Reusable Leg Bags

  • Takes only 1 1/2 turns to open or close
  • Sealed threads
  • Use with Urocare reusable latex leg bags and Urocare male urinal sheaths
From $5.63

Urocare - Straight-Thru Adapter With Thumb Clamp for Reusable Leg Bags

  • Latex free
  • Thumb clamp attached
  • Works with any Urocare reusable leg bag
  • Replacement part for Urocare's standard bottom drain valve
From $5.10

Urocare - White Rubber/Silicone Tubing

  • Resists kinking
  • Made in the USA
  • Several diameters to choose from
From $29.84

Urocare - Tubing Connector

  • 5/16" or 3/8" outer diameter sizes
  • 2 1/4" long clear polypropylene connectors
  • Used with drainage tubing, extension tubing, and urinary leg bags
From $1.21

Urocare - Clear Vinyl Tubing

  • Clear vinyl tubing with 9/32" inner diameter
  • Includes graduated adapter and cap
  • Choose from sterile and non-sterile
From $3.89

Urocare - 18" Tubing With Connector

  • Available in silicone and vinyl
  • Sterile and non-sterile packaging
  • Resists kinking and has a snug connector
From $6.13

Urocare - Reusable Leg Straps For Sports Bag

  • Designed for use with Urocare sports bags
  • Adjustable velcro fasteners for extra comfort
  • Sizes: S-MED (15" - 24") and MED-LG (19"-30")
  • Provide the added security and support for active sports use
From $11.81

Urocare - Fabric Leg Bag Strap Singles

  • Hand or machine washable
  • Self-gripping Velcro fasteners securely hold drain bag in place
  • Extremely durable, yet gentle on the skin
From $12.31

Urocare Fitz-All - Fabric Leg Bag Strap

  • Adjustable velcro closure
  • Cotton and foam strap construction
  • 2" wide
From $10.78

Urocare - Fabric Leg Bag Strap Kit

  • Washable and reusable
  • Each kit comes with 2 leg bag straps
  • Velcro fasteners and elastic sections allow for easy adjustment
From $23.65

Urocare Fitz-All - Fabric Leg Bag Straps with Buttons

  • Durable, comfortable, and reusable
  • Washable
  • Large easy grip buttons attach easily to urinary drainage bags
From $12.31

Urocare - Universal Fabric Leg Bag Straps

  • Self gripping fasteners make application safe and simple
  • Elasticized cotton for a comfortable fit
  • Machine and hand washable
From $8.72

Urocare - Lower Leg Fabric Leg Bag Holder

  • No need for leg bag straps
  • Machine and hand washable
  • Eliminates contact between drain bag and skin
  • Can be worn on the inside or outside of the leg
From $42.20

Urocare - Upper Leg Fabric Leg Bag Holder

  • Latex free
  • Machine and hand washable
  • Eliminates contact between drain bag and skin
  • Can be worn on inside or outside part of leg
From $40.66

Urocare Uro-Strap - Reusable Fabric Catheter Strap

  • Hand or machine washable
  • Easy to apply, remove, and re-use
  • Fully adjustable condom catheter strap
From $5.10

Urocare - Adjustable White Tube Clamp

  • Controls the flow of urine
  • Also known as a thumb clamp
  • Can be used with many different types of tubing
From $0.99

Urocare - Two Position White Plastic Tube Clamp

  • Two position thumb clamp
  • Urine flow control device
  • Ideal for latex, silicone, and white rubber tubing
From $1.21

Urocare - Quick Drain Valve for Reusable Leg Bag

  • Cut to desired length
  • Lever control allows for quick and easy drainage
  • Drain bag valve has sealed threads so urine never touches skin while draining
From $17.99

Urocare Urolux Urinary & Ostomy Appliance Cleanser and Deodorant

  • Fresh citrus scent
  • Cleans and deodorizes ostomy appliances and urological supplies
  • Eliminates calcium build up and uric crystals
From $8.19

Urocare - Urinary and Ostomy Appliance Cleaning Brush

  • Fits contours
  • Removes uric crystal deposits
  • Cleans urological supplies
From $6.13

Urocare Uro-Safe - Urinary Drainage Leg Bag (Thumb Clamp Valve)

  • Sterile
  • Thumb clamp drain valve
  • Available in semi-transparent or semi-transparent with opaque back
  • Includes "Little Red anti-reflux valve"
From $8.19

Urocare Uro-Safe - Urinary Drainage Leg Bag (Twist Drain Valve)

  • Sterile
  • Available in semi-transparent or semi-transparent with opaque back
  • Includes Urocare's "Little Red anti-reflux valve"
  • Urinary bag is 15" x 5.25" (38cm x 13.3cm)
From $7.69

Bard - 2000ml Urine Bag

  • Sheeting clip
  • Hinge hanger
  • 50" of drain tubing
  • Latex free drain tube
  • Anti-reflux drip chamber
  • Enhanced control-fit outlet device
From $12.45

ProAdvantage - Lubricating Jelly

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Economical
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Water soluble and non-staining
From $3.87

Urocare - Reusable Urinary Drainage Leg Bag

  • Made with durable latex rubber
  • Leg bag for male external or foley catheters
  • Urocare's "little red valve" anti-reflux valve included
  • Built-in odor barriers
From $49.42

Urocare - Latex Free Leg Straps

  • Latex free
  • Button closure
  • Durable straps
From $4.96

Covidien Dover - Catheter Leg Bag with Twist Valve

  • Twist style drain port
  • 17 oz or 25 oz
  • Includes a pair of latex free leg straps
  • Anti-reflux valve
From $4.95

Covidien Dover - Catheter Bag with Straps, Tube, Cap, and Thumb Clamp

  • Foley catheter bag
  • Urinary drainage for condom catheters
  • Sterile
  • Drain tube, clamp, and cap included
  • Tapered design with expandable sides
From $7.95

Dale Hold-n-Place Adhesive Patch

  • Universal foley catheter holder
  • Adhesive patch can be used to record patient data
  • Does not restrict movement or irritate skin
  • Disposable
  • Latex free
From $4.58

Bard StatLock - Large Swivel Clamp Foley Stabilization Device

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Minimizes accidental catheter dislodgement
  • Holds catheter in place and reduces twisting of the foley
  • Available in tricot material or foam pad
From $7.45

Hollister - 2000ml Urine Bag

  • Latex free
  • Sterile fluid pathway
  • Sample port and anti-reflux valve
From $4.95

Graham-Field - Cleaning Brush

  • Removes uric crystal deposits
  • Stainless steel wire handle and nylon brushes
  • Ideal for cleaning many urological and ostomy supplies
From $4.04

Cath Secure - Multi-Purpose Medical Tube Holder

  • The original multi-purpose tube holder
  • Fully adjustable with velcro closure
  • Hypoallergenic
  • DEHP and latex free
  • Available in extended tab style
From $2.63

Bard - 18" Latex Extension Tubing

  • Latex tubing
  • Graduated connector
  • Sterile and non-sterile packaging
From $3.69

Dyna Lube - Lubricating Jelly

  • Water soluble
  • Bacteriostatic lubricating jelly
  • Available in tubes and packets
From $2.02

Urocare - Male Urinal Leg Bag Adaptor

  • Latex free
  • Size: 1.24" x 0.84"
  • Includes black gasket ring
  • Connects a Urocare male urinal kit to a Urocare leg bag
From $7.16

HR - Lubricating Jelly

  • Sterile
  • Made in the USA
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Kosher Certified
  • Water soluble, non-greasy, unscented
From $3.56

Coloplast Conveen Active - Fabric Covered Urinary Drainage Leg Bag (Hide Away Tap)

  • 250 ml capacity
  • Bag can stay on the leg while draining
  • Comfortable and discreet
  • PVC and phthalate free
From $9.22

Dale Hold-n-Place - Foley Catheter Leg and Waist Band

  • Universal foley catheter holder
  • Patented locking system anchors foley catheter
  • Won't restrict movement or irritate skin
  • Disposable
  • Latex free
From $9.22

HealthSmart - McGuire-Style Urinal Replacement Bag

  • Pair of button leg straps included
  • 18" tubing and connector
  • Twist drain port
From $14.09

SteriGear - 2000ml Urinary Drainage Bag with Fig Leaf Cover

  • Conceals urine
  • QuickView port
  • Anti-reflux drip chamber
From $9.26

Urocare - Black Gasket Ring

  • Package of 10
  • Small gasket ring fits standard drain valves, quick drain valves, and straight-thru adaptors
  • Large gasket ring works with reusable leg bags and urinary drainage bottles
From $0.89

Bard StatLock - Pediatric Foley Stabilization Device

  • Minimizes accidental catheter dislodgement
  • Firmly holds catheter in place
  • Allows complete freedom of movement
  • Latex free and sterile
From $7.95

Conveen Security+ Fabric Leg Bag Straps

  • Washable
  • Includes both upper and lower leg strap
  • Straps feature velcro closure
From $4.59

Bard Statlock - 3-Way Foley Stabilization Device

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Firmly holds catheter in place
  • Allows complete freedom of movement without pulling on the catheter
From $7.45

Bard StatLock - Small Swivel Clamp Foley Stabilization Device

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Holds catheter in place and reduces twisting of the foley
  • Promotes air flow for a cooler, more comfortable fit
From $7.45

Hollister - Urinary Leg Bag with Straps and Tubing

  • Latex free
  • Pleated leg bag
  • Includes extension tubing and leg bag straps
From $13.45

Urocare - 4000cc Night Drainage Bottle

  • Reusable
  • Latex free
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable and reusable
From $66.42

Bard - Catheter Plug

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Use with universal indwelling catheters to plug drainage lumen
  • Comes in peel back wrapping for no-touch application
From $2.33

Urocare - Catheter and Tubing Strap

  • Latex free
  • Fully adjustable, self gripping fastener for secure hold
  • Holds foley catheters or drainage tubing securely in position for optimum flow
  • Elastic fabric strap for the maximum in comfort and flexibility
From $11.28

Coloplast Conveen - Moveen 2000ml Urine Bag

  • PVC and phthalate free
  • Push-pull outlet tap
  • Holds 2 liters of liquid
From $76.73

Medline - Urinary Drainage Leg Bag with Straps (Slide-Tap Valve)

  • Latex free urine bag
  • Slide-tap drainage port
  • Fabric back and comfort straps
From $3.25

Covidien - Foley Catheter Plug

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Use with universal indwelling catheters to plug drainage lumen
  • Comes in peel-back wrapping for "no-touch" application
From $1.59

Bard Bardia - Urethral Catheter Tray

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Tray only, catheter not included
From $2.90

Conveen Security+ Leg Bag with Tubing and Straps

  • Extended outlet tube
  • Flocked back, anti-kink tubing, and leg straps
  • 500 ml or 1000 ml leg bag with clamp lever
From $7.69

Hollister m9 - Cleaner/Decrystallizer

  • Helps eliminate odors
  • pH balanced and non-acidic
  • Cleans urinary products
From $15.45

Hollister - Vertical Tube Attachment Device

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Secures tube at exit site
  • Secures drains, tubes, or catheters vertically to the skin
  • Protects periwound skin by using hydrocolloid skin care materials
From $9.45

Bard Dispoz-A-Bag - Leg Bag with Straps and Tubing

  • Easy to use Flip-Flo valve
  • Compares to BAR150632 and BAR150619
  • Kit includes fabric leg straps and 18" non-latex extension tubing
From $7.45

Cure - 29" Extension Tube with Connector

  • Length: 29"
  • Free of latex, DEHP, and BPA
  • Extra long length allows tubing to be used from wheelchair
From $2.43

Carefix - CarePocket Leg Bag Holder

  • Washable
  • Reduces noise
  • Can be worn on the thigh or calf
  • Provides support and stability for your urological drainage bag
From $17.12

DJO - 2" Catheter Leg Strap

  • Flannel lining
  • 2" wide elastic strap
  • Adjustable tab to prevent obstruction of catheter tubing
From $5.27

Bard StatLock - IV Ultra Stabilization Device

  • "Over the hub" clamshell retainer for optimal fixation near the insertion site
  • Increases catheter dwell times and decreases complications
  • Firmly holds catheter in place with breathable Tricot anchor pad
From $7.95

Bard StatLock - PICC Plus Stabilization Device

  • No sutures required
  • Increases catheter dwell times
  • Firmly holds catheter in place with tricot anchor pad
From $9.45

Rusch - Easy Tap Leg Bag with Tubing

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Lever drain valve
  • PVC extension tube and leg bag straps included
From $3.23

Amsino AmSure - 60 mL Sterile Piston Enteral Irrigation Syringe

  • Sterile
  • Catheter tip with cover
  • Thumb control ring
From $0.88

Rusch - Easy Tap Leg Bag

  • Sterile
  • Anti-reflux valve
  • Latex free
  • Flip style drainage valve
  • Leg bag straps included
From $2.95

Dale Hold-n-Place - Medium Securement Device

  • Latex free
  • Disposable
  • Multi-purpose medical tube holder
  • Adhesive patch with adjustable velcro closure
From $5.63

Coloplast - 2000ml Urostomy Night Bag

  • Latex free
  • Holds up to 2 liters of urine
  • Connector works with many Coloplast urostomy bags
  • Anti-kink tubing
From $142.88

Urocare - Latex Leg Bag Straps with Buttons

  • Includes 3 latex straps with 3 plastic buttons
  • Can be used on leg bags up to 44 fl. oz
  • Replacement straps for Urocare Reusable Latex Leg Bags
  • Can be used with most catheter bags
  • Contains natural rubber latex, not to be used if you have a latex allergy
From $4.52

Cath Secure Plus - Water Resistant Multi-Purpose Tube Holder

  • DEHP free
  • Latex free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water resistant
  • Fully adjustable with velcro closure
From $3.04

Medline - Foley Catheter Insertion Tray

  • Available with either a 10ml or 30ml pre-filled syringe
  • Sterile, not made with natural rubber latex
  • Does not include foley catheter
  • Includes one each: pair powder free vinyl gloves, 3g lubricating jelly packet, 3pk povidone iodine swabsticks, 10ml or 30ml syringe filled with sterile water, underpad, fenestrated drape
  • Sterile inside sealed graduated plastic tray
From $3.69

Cath Secure Lock - Multi-Purpose Tube Holder

  • Secures medical tubing to the body
  • 3" adhesive tab
  • Velcro strip on base
  • DEHP and latex free
  • Base measures 3 1/8" x 1 3/4"
From $3.59

Bard Dispoz A Bag - Urinary Leg Bag with Flip-Flo Valve and Fabric Straps

  • 19 oz. or 32 oz. leg bag
  • Pair of fabric leg straps included
  • Flip-Flo lever drain valve
  • Anti-reflux valve
  • Latex free
  • Sterile
From $9.45

AMSure Irrigation Tray w/ 60cc Piston syringe for Foley Catheters

  • Sterile irrigation tray with syringe
  • Foley irrigation tray
  • 500 mL graduated container for holding irrigation fluid
  • Large moisture-proof underpad
  • Alcohol prep pad
  • Syringe has a tip adapter and protector cap
  • Latex free
From $2.00

AMSure Irrigation Tray w/ 60cc Bulb Syringe for Foley Catheters

  • Sterile irrigation tray with bulb syringe
  • Foley irrigation tray
  • 500 mL graduated container for holding irrigation fluid
  • Large moisture-proof underpad
  • Alcohol prep pad
  • Flexible soft bulb can be used one handed
  • Includes syringe protector cap
  • Latex free
From $2.04

Bard Dispoz A Bag - 4 Urinary Leg Bags with Flip-Flo Valve and 1 Pair of Fabric Straps

  • Sterile
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Easy to use Flip-Flo drainage valve
  • Available in 19 oz and 32 oz
  • Includes 4 urine bags and 1 pair of fabric straps
From $19.45

Amsino 5-in-1 Sterile Graduated Connector

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • DEHP Free and BPA Free
  • Fits five (3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/17”) sizes of tubing
From $0.60

KenGuard Foley Catheter Irrigation Tray with 60cc Piston Syringe

  • Sterile
  • Irrigation tray for foley catheters
  • 1200 ml outer basin tray
  • 500 ml plastic graduate container
  • 60 ml piston syringe with protector cap
  • Waterproof underpad
  • Antiseptic alcohol wipe
  • Sold by the each or the case of 20
From $2.46

Amsino AMSure - Foley Insertion Tray

  • Pre-filled irrigation syringe
  • Gloves, underpad, and basin
  • Three 10% PVP swabsticks
  • Lubricating jelly packet
  • Sterile, DEHP free, BPA free, and latex free
From $4.12

Catheter supplies are items used in conjunction with a catheter to manage urinary function. Some of these products include drain bags, catheter holders, and lubricants. All of these medical supplies make living with a catheter easier and more manageable. Express Medical sells accessories for every type of catheter, so you're sure to find what you need.

Lubricating jelly is often used along with an intermittent catheter. Some intermittent catheters come pre-lubricated, while others do not. If you purchase catheters that are not pre-lubricated, adding in a separate lubricant will make insertion easier and more comfortable. Lubricating jelly makes the surface of the catheter slick and reduces friction, This means you will not have to apply as much pressure in order to insert your intermittent catheter. Reducing the amount of pressure lowers the risk of causing urethral trauma. We carry lubricating jelly in tubes as well as individual packets, which are easy to take on the go.

The primary accessory used with external catheters is a condom catheter fastener. These are strips that wrap around the penis to keep your external catheter in place. Condom catheter fasteners are available in foam or fabric materials. The foam straps are disposable and use adhesive to keep the catheter secure. Some foam catheter strips have adhesive only on one side, while others have adhesive on both sides. The one-sided adhesive straps are worn on the outer surface of the condom catheter. The two-sided adhesive strips are meant to be worn underneath the catheter against your skin. Another option is to use fabric catheter straps. These use velcro to secure the catheter. They are reusable and can be washed as needed. Because fabric straps do not have adhesive, they are the best option for people with adhesive allergies.

Many people use foley catheter holders and irrigation kits in conjunction with foley catheters. Some foley catheter holders use adhesive and others are elastic bands. Both are meant to stabilize the end of the foley catheter and prevent it from being pulled on or coming out of place. The adhesive variety consists of small pads or strips with a sticky backing and a clamp or velcro closure that the tubing sits beneath. The elastic bands do not use adhesive. They are soft, stretchy fabric straps that go around the thigh with a closure tab. These are a great alternative for people with delicate skin or adhesive allergies. Another common item purchased with a foley catheter is a foley irrigation kit. These kits contain supplies like syringes and sterile water that allow you to flush out your foley catheter. Irrigating the catheter removes any build up or blockages within the catheter and balloon. Foley catheter kits also include gloves and underpads, which increase sanitation during irrigation.

There are several catheter supplies that are used with both foley catheters and external catheters. These include drainage bags, catheter tubing, and leg bag holders. The two types of drainage bags include catheter leg bags and overnight urine bags. A leg bag is meant to be worn during the day while you are up and moving. It can be worn on your thigh or calf depending on your preference. An overnight bag is a larger capacity urine bag that is used while you sleep. Its large size prevents you from having to empty the urine bag during the night. Catheter tubing is used along with each type of drainage bag. It connects to the end of a foley or condom catheter and allows urine flow into the drain bag or bottle. A leg bag is held in place by a catheter bag holder or adjustable leg straps. A leg bag holder is a fabric sleeve with a pocket on the side that your drainage bag slides into. Leg bag straps are placed around the top and bottom of the drainage bag. The straps can be made out of fabric or latex and fasten using velcro or buttons. Please see our leg bag holder and strap guide to help decide which option is best for you.

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